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Recent content by maxascent

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    a variable attenuator

    I require an attenuator that is capable of attenuating a signal from 0 to 250 MHz. The signal could be a dc voltage or some waveform. I have seen some digital attenuators that are used for RF and was wondering if these would work. Otherwise I would need to design my own so any thoughts on a...
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    amplifier design ....

    How do I design an amplifier with an MFED response? TIA
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    Regarding the CPLD Devices

    What do you mean by Fast moving CPLD Devices ?
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    Does anyone have a Picoscope 6000 scope?

    Does anyone have a Picoscope 6000 scope? Just wondering what its like. J
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    Altium Designer Polygon Pour

    I have created a polygon pour in AD and connected it to my GND net. When I pour it it connects all of the power nets to the pour. It also doesnt seem to be using the correct clearance around the signal nets. I'm sure I have some setting wrong but dont know which one. Thanks Jon
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    Altium Designer Duplicating Tracks

    I have a design with 4 DDR3 memories. The address and control signals are identical for all 4 so I would like to save some time and just route 1 set and then duplicate the tracks for the other 3. Can I do this? Thanks Jon
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    Altium Designer Internal Plane

    anti pad pcb altium What I would like to do is create an odd shaped pullback from the edge so I guess I need to add some solid regions around the board edge. Also I want to have the layer numbers. So I need to create a solid region with the number in negative? Thanks Jon
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    Altium Designer Internal Plane

    plane designer I have created some internal planes with split planes in them. When I create the gerbers and view them in a gerber viewer program the plane is not filled in. I just get the outlines that I set. Thanks Jon
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    Altium renaming net names - need a quick way to do this

    Altium net name Hi I have some net names that I would like to rename. IOP1 IOP2 etc I want to rename them to IO1_P IO2_P Is there a quick way to do this? Cheers Jon
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    Routing a memory using Altium Designer

    Thanks for the info. I had a play around with AD found something called From-To which you can set for a net. Then if you have a split net as in my case it will give you the lengths of the two paths which makes it easier to match the two path lengths.
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    Routing a memory using Altium Designer

    I have two memory components that I am routing using a balanced T for the addr and control signals. Is there an easy way in AD to match the lengths. The problem I have is when the signal splits to each memory component I have no way of knowing the length. Cheers Jon
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    Mirror layer in Altium

    Hi I would like to mirror the bottom layer so that I can place the silkscreen more easily. can someone tell me how to do this as I cant seem to find it. Thanks Added after 12 minutes: Its ok I found it. View->Flip Board.
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    Modifying differential signals in Altium

    Hi I have some differential pairs in Altium Designer that I would like to modify. Is there an easy way to change the track size and spacing once they have been routed? Thanks
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    Solder Mask in Altium

    altium solder mask Hi I have a bga device and need to know what the solmask expansion should be set for the fanout vias. I have heard that the vias should be capped with solder mask to prevent solder flowing into them. So should the expansion be set to 0? Cheers
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    Navigating around a board

    You can select multiple objects using the find similar objects command. Just right click in the pcb and select it from the top of the menu (or shift+f). Then just click the object you want as a selection. A menu will come up were you can define how the objects should match. Once done press ok...

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