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Recent content by mathespbe

  1. mathespbe

    LC filter issues in inverter

    Hi power electronics experts, We have designed a solar inverter of 10KW capacity. We had 3 single phase inverter in which each phase carries 3500W capacity. We have loaded and tested the system fine and which has no issues. In order to filter the waveform we have introduced LC filter. Input...
  2. mathespbe

    Need circuit to isolate contrller ckt frm driver ic IR2110 or IR2336

    I guess your switching frequency is very high as far as inverter is concern. Just cross check that your IGBT can be used with this higer frequency. I am suggesting you the optocoupler VO3120 opto isolator which can operate between 15v to 35v with higher switching frequency.
  3. mathespbe

    Solar inverter driver issue

    My swithing frequency for high side is 18KHz. For low side 50Hz square wave. IGBT is getting shorted at the moment of supply and gate signal is available. No ringings or spikes present in my input 315v DC.
  4. mathespbe

    Solar inverter driver issue

    I guess my issue might be as follows. There may be some rise time and fall time in the IR2110 which doesn't match with the sequence of the opposite IGBTs. It wasn't detected when i check the signals without supply to H-BRIDGE. I suspect that when the IGBT is powered, the rise time and fall...
  5. mathespbe

    Solar inverter driver issue

    hi, my igbts are upto my rating. its 650v/40amps rated. i checked the driver output waveforms at the gate without power supply to the igbt. it was in the specified sequence as i am expecting. it was initially worked upto 2200 watts load. i turned off it and when restart it after half an hour...
  6. mathespbe

    Solar inverter driver issue

    I am using the same 315V DC to my SMPS which outputs 3.3v and 24v supplies. It runs with out any issues. It's just a full wave rectifier with 4700uF/450v filter caps. And also a capacitor bank comprises of 20x470uf/1000v caps.
  7. mathespbe

    Solar inverter driver issue

    Hi experts... Warm regards to u all... I have designed a solar inverter with IR2110 driver. I have attached the schematic for one section of high side. When i check the pulses across the gate and emitters of each IGBT is proper. When I give 315V DC to my H bridge, One of the high side and...
  8. mathespbe

    [SOLVED] 3.3V regulator circuit with minimum ripples on load

    30uV is no load ripple. on Load regulation it was mentioned 200mV... - - - Updated - - - Thank you for your info godfreyl. And sorry I was mistakenly took dropout voltage as noise voltage. Can you please give me circuit for tps73633 - - - Updated - - - I need the current output upto the...
  9. mathespbe

    [SOLVED] 3.3V regulator circuit with minimum ripples on load

    Thanks for your reply. It seems good while the noise is around 200mV. But I need some more noiseless. I expect the output noise in the range of 100mV or less. Is there any other options available?
  10. mathespbe

    [SOLVED] 3.3V regulator circuit with minimum ripples on load

    Hi all... I need a regulator circuit that should give ripple as minimum as possible on load. I'm currently having a RPS which gives 600mV peak to peak ripples as i monitored on scope. It making my ADC value to get oscillate around +/-32. Can someone help me???
  11. mathespbe

    I2C Start condition code for PIC 16f877a and XMEGA128A1

    Check the data sheet page no 82 to 111 for code example refer https://www.8051projects.net/i2c-twi-tutorial/pic-i2c-code-example.php
  12. mathespbe

    [51] the IC to program my IC

    CP2102 can be used for your need since it's just a USB to serial converter bridge.
  13. mathespbe

    [PIC] RFID interfacing with pic

    If you use separate SPI there won't be any problem. Try it and if you find any issue then update...
  14. mathespbe

    sample code for 20*4 character lcd using embedded c

    check the LCD datasheet for all the commands. or post the datasheet along with your full code.
  15. mathespbe

    sample code for 20*4 character lcd using embedded c

    use the delay as below... LCD_EN=1; LCD_Busy(); LCD_EN=0;

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