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Recent content by markito86

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    Interconnection by square waveguide

    Hi all, I have two fixed square waveguides with slightly different cross section, and they are shifted along x and y axis. I have to design (in HFSS) a waveguide interconnection that allow this connection and implement the x-y shift. I have just tried to use mitered and continuous bands (with...
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    Coupling Matrix for Microwave filter

    I have realized the procedure to calculate the Coupling Matrix, now is there a method to properly dimension the waveguide iris structure ?
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    Matlab. S Parameters. Coupling Matrix Synthesis.

    I am also interested if it possible. In detail, how can I calculate the S-Parameters knowing the Coupling Matrix ?
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    Coupling Matrix for Microwave filter

    Hi, I am not very skilled in this field. I should calculate the Coupling Matrix of a Pseudo-HPF for fixed parameters (Bandwidth, Return Loss, Number of cavities and Single transmission zero). What is the mathematical procedure ? I have read some papers and docs but they are so confused and...
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    Directional Loop Coupler

    Tks, this picture is perfect to understand the design, but have u also the dimensions of the structure (i.e. a, b, d, l1 ) ?
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    Directional Loop Coupler

    Hi, I am searching, paper, books etc etc to design, in HFSS or CST, Directional Loop Couplers, like this **broken link removed** (pag 35). I don't undestand how the 2 SMA and the waveguide coupled and if the second SMA is load. Then, in detail, where is the network between the 2 SMA and in...
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    Dual Mode Coupler Waveguide

    Hi everyone, i will need to design a 4-port waveguide coupler for square waveguide and the center frequency in 19GHz. Each kind of dimensions for the 2 square waveguides, holes or other are good. In addition, the waveguide should be parallel in order to connect other downstream levels To...
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    S Parameter on HFSS and two modes

    Hi, I have a simple question to do. I have implemented a 4 ports coupler 3dB of 2 rectangular waveguide. Each port is excited by 2 mode (vertical and horizontal) in order to verify if the coupler is dual mode. When I create a quickly report, there are a lot of S Parameters defined i.e...
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    Export HFSS project and import it by CST

    Hi, i would import a structure with all data from HFSS to CST. I have already tried exporting this antenna in the format .sat but when I import this file, I obtain only the structure without all parameters (materials and so on). In which way I can fix it. Is there a way to export in HSFF all...
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    Near-field to far-fiel

    Wait, I know that: The near-field zone of an antenna is defined from the ratio of its aperture size to wavelength. But I have 2 problems with this definition. 1) This is true for an aperture antenna, but what is the aperture size for another kind of antenna (i.e. patch) ? 2) In order to...
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    Near-field to far-fiel

    Hi, I would like to know, how is the correct distance between the antenna under test and the probe using the planar near-field technique. Someone could help me to understand more about this. thanks Marco
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    rectangular microstrip antenna

    I have to design a patch antenna at 10Ghz with CST to simulate and analyze its farfield. I would know all dimensions and parameters to design it.
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    rectangular microstrip antenna

    I would design and simulate a rectangular microstrip antenna with CST in order to analyze its farfield. Can someone give me all dimensions and parameters to design this kind of antenna ?
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    Help... Near Field to Far field

    Hi, I'm working on a NearField to Farfield (planar scanning) code in matlab. I have just tried to test this code on an easy structure (open-ended waveguide) but the radiation pattern is different from that obtained using literature equation. Does someone know a working script to implement the...

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