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    Can't program PIC18F8720 with EPIC Programmer

    Re: PIC18F8720 ICSP :?::!::!:
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    Can't program PIC18F8720 with EPIC Programmer

    Hi I cant program PIC18F8720 with EPIC Programmer. I have connected VPP, GND, RB6, RB7 to programmer & RB5(PGM) to GND. Can anyone help me?
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    Looking for PIC16F877A code for 6 pulse generation

    Re: pic16F877A Check this one(ccs compiler,xtal=20MHz): #include <16f877A.h> #use delay(clock=20000000) #ZERO_RAM ///////////////////////////// variables /////////////////////////////////////// int1 bit_0; int16 mil...

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