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Recent content by mainak001

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    Configuring Zybo Z7-10 hardware for MATLAB FIL

    Configuring Zybo Z7-10 hardware for MATLAB FIL is not happening . I have a Zybo Z7-10 board. I need to integrate this with MATLAB FIL workflow . I have the all support packages installed . I have checked the MATLAB example for Zybo and tried to work . It did not work. I have seen MATLAB custom...
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    Power supply OR-ing subcircuit

    Why don't you use active ORING . So that ur supply is totally cut off from the source and you donot have to bother about the reverse current and shorting. All the faliure cases also can be taken up. Please see the PICOR whitepaper on this.
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    Corporate program in manipal university

    never do it as i have suffered the consequences . The manipal ppl says it is UGC approved not AICTE . But Manipal is cleared for its own full time course not this part time course. Please avoid manipal corporate program as it does not fetch you anything. Any good universities abroad does not...
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    ethernet switch design with vhdl

    can you provide me some details of design like what are the basic steps.... i want o implement it in Xilinx platform ...
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    ethernet switch design with vhdl

    Excellent link .. I was waiting for this kind of thing from long time...
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    VME bus specification

    Re: xmc specification Boss .. It is propietaryt document . U can try Rockwell Collins . they have a user manual with thei poroducts . But still it is restricted .
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    VME bus specification

    xmc specification Guys.. Doen anybody has AFDX specification ? I need it..
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    VxWorks tutorial and books

    vxworks books 2nd link works .. It its excellent .. Thanx a lot for this help.. Kudos to u Added after 2 minutes: try this one also.. **broken link removed**
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    slot in patch antenna- compressing scattering parametter S11

    Re: slot in patch antenna Slot is generally applied for Broadbanding the response .. all uWB applications have slot ..So u can use slot in microstrip along with cpw feed .... With little tuning ur S11 will also be gr8
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    How to design Meander line antenna

    gain of meander line antennas Its' actually a reverse process . Generally microstrip Line is useful for ckt designing not for antenna because it can conserve the power in cavity .. bt if u bend a microstrip line in 90 deg ..the wave can't propagate . It will radiate the power so that it will...
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    [SOLVED] How to make a an antenna for GSM 900 that covers all the band?

    patch antenna gsm 900 yah ur view is somewhat right .. u can try multiband antenna . for that u refer .. DR. ramesh Garg book .. + **broken link removed** + see the attchment
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    Isolation between two antennas - how to measure?

    thank u for the reply .................... i 'm also srching for the same.. Can u tell me ..if ihave two different type of antenna how can i determine cross polarization beetween the two?
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    Help me to design anuular slot antenna in IE3D

    thank u fr clearing my doubts ....
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    Help me to design anuular slot antenna in IE3D

    Thank U very much for the help.. Now i'am able to construct the geo .. Just some quaries .. Fundamental one .. In this paper they are using an substrate whose Er=10.8 and h=0.635 And still they want to use it as a useful antenna .. Is it possible ?? A per my knowledge for antenna purpose...
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    microstrip patch antenna design

    This is a selected chapter from Grg Book on Microstrip antenna .. p0lease take closeer look at th book also ..

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