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Recent content by Mahyar_AMS

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    what is voltage peak to peak differential?

    differential voltage vs peak to peak Even in your answer somethings are in contrast you said 0.125 Vp = 0.25Vpp on the other hand 2Vpp=2Vp :) Actualy I found the answer and that is 0.5Vppd corresponds to an amplitude of a 0.25 for a sine wave that means Vppd = Vpp when you model a differential...
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    DR became less than SNR! why?!

    I am trying to model a first order sigma-delta modulator. My SNR(max) at full scale input has become less than DR? isn't it strange? regards, Mahyar
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    what is voltage peak to peak differential?

    differential peak to peak I want to know the amplitude of a single sine wave which would corresponding to a 0.5 Vppd? It would be 0.5 or 0.25? Thanks Mahyar
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    what is a vppd? request for explain

    what is a vppd? I have a very basic question! :D I want to know if I am right or not: I want to model a 0.5vppd input with a single ended one it it correct to have a 0.25 as the amp of a sine wave or I should say 0.5 sin(...)? Thanks
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    how to model the hysteresis effect of a comparator in Matlab

    hysteresis comparator matlab Hi I am trying to model a sigma delta modulator in Matlab. I need to know how to model the comparator hysteresis. Regards, Mahyar
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    How to model the comparator hystersis in MATLAB

    matlab comparator Hi I am doing a system level design of a sigma delta modulator and I want to know how I can model a comparator hysteresis effect in Matlab. Regards, Mahyar
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    Using relay as a comparator(1 bit quantizer) in simulink?!

    comparator simulink Hi I am trying to model a sigma-delta modulator in Matlab/Simulink. I need a 1 bit quantizer since my modulator is one bit. As we know a 1 bit quantizer would be a simple comprator but I could not find comparator in simulink blocks. Is it reasonable to use a relay instead...
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    relay as a comparator

    I am trying to model some sigma delta ADC in matlab simulink. My question is that can I use a relay instead of a quantizer since I have a one bit comparator as a quantizer (N=1) ? the thing is that when I am trying to use quantizer for 1 bit as a result I get more than 2 level output! regards...
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    2nd order sigma delta ADC

    2nd order sigma delta and fft I am starting the system modeling of a reconfigurable 2nd order SD ADC in Simulink. I have some questions while my design specs are like this: * 80dB SNDR over 100 KHz (GSM) and 60 dB SNDR over 500 KHz (Bluetooth) * Technology = 0.18 um * Power : as lower power as...
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    How to install new Matlab toolbox

    matlab install toolbox Hi I have a Sigma Delta toolbox that I want to add/install on my Matlab. Could you tellme what to do? Mahyar

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