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Recent content by mahibhavana

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    HI in HFSS,PROJECT MANGER window,under PLANES,if i press any one plane (example:Global:XY) aplane is comming in XY plane and one ARROW comming in the +ve Z-direction.what indicates this arrow,what is the meaninig of this ARROW. please help me ASAP........ THANKS
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    SRR's Designing Procedure in HFSS

    hi i need SRR's design procedure please help me asap....... thankyou
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    SRR having ground plane or not??????????

    i designed CSRR, in my design i used substrate(FR4-epoxy),strip line(copper) and ground plane(copper).i etched the rings structers from the ground plane(copper). now iam designing the SRR,first i took one substrate(FR4-epoxy) after this idesigned rings(copper) structer on the substrae my doubt...
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    E,H field directions - help needed

    E,H field directions hi all in my design i used a lumped port for dipole antenna.my doubt is, direction of E,H fields.i think E-field direction is same as the integration line direction.plz help me asap.what is the direction of H-field and direction of wave.iam radating the antenna in free space.

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