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Recent content by mabauti

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    automated physical keystroker

    This kind of user interface. I want to program different predetermined exercises sequences in this walking machine, so I need some apparatus for doing the keystrokes. Let say I want a predetermined exercise routine (five minutes at 10mph 10degrees, 3 minutes at 8 mph 6 degrees, etc) so I only...
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    automated physical keystroker

    Hiya everybody: I´m looking for ideas for an automated physical keystroker, this is intended for keystroking a particular physical keyboard Thanks in advance :)
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    [PIC] Interactive simulation

    pic simulator ide o mplab sim
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    [moved] Dedicated 4 channel PWM IC

    Hi Klauss, may be someone know about this pwm frequency (range) : 200Hz to 2khz duty cycle range : 5% to 95% duty cycle resolution 8bits to 12bits
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    [moved] Dedicated 4 channel PWM IC

    sorry dick_freebird. I want to use it for controlling 4 dc motors 6V @ 1A
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    [moved] Dedicated 4 channel PWM IC

    Hi everyone: Recomend me a dedicated 4 channel PWM IC
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    I need introduction to Microcontrollers

    begin with the basic pic16f628a
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    why do we use active filter?

    why do we use active filter basically you can adjust gain
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    need help for PIC 16F84A programming

    movwf trisa if you use this : #include pic16f84A.inc list p=16f84A you don't need this PORTA equ 05h TRISA equ 85h PORTB equ 06h TRISB equ 86h
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    Problems with PORTB and Timwe1 interrupt

    does it happen if you disable the T1OSCEN bit from the T1CON register? (page 48 from de datashhet)
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    squared value input voltage

    I'm looking for a simple circuit that squares the value of the input voltage, this is : If I have a 1.2V at the input , the output must be 1.2*1.2 = 1.44V, and so on thanks in advance for your comments.
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    what type of transistor do I need? (wave inside)

    Because I have already made a PCB which includes that circuit, and I do not want to modify it too much
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    what type of transistor do I need? (wave inside)

    I expected a solution with only one transistor. Thank you anyway :) p.s. clicked on the helpme button
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    what type of transistor do I need? (wave inside)

    Not at all! I'm sure you are more experienced than I, that's why I did this question :)

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