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Recent content by ma_ha1979

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    help 2find a board-camera

    spi board camera Hi all, I'm desiging a small GSM Board and i have a problem to find a suitable board-camera, which can capture normal photos and send them by using serial interfaces like RS232 or even SPI (video strem is not needed). It'd be great if get the image with JPEG format! Note: the...
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    How to create a board-to-board connector in Eagle?

    Dear all, I’m designing my first PCB by using EAGLE program (4.16 for windows) and I’d like to build a small GSM board with GSM module and some other small components like capacitors, resistors…etc. And I need to create a Board-to-board connector (IL-312-A60P-VF-A1) from JAE (see attachment)...

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