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    Charging LiPo without turning off application circuit

    Yes. That's why I chose this chip :-). I guess my question wasn't clear. I'm asking if I can have the MCP73812 *and* my load hooked up to the battery at the same time. The diagram in the datasheet (which you posted) shows only the MCP73812 connected to the battery and doesn't discuss its...
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    Charging LiPo without turning off application circuit

    The chip I plan on using is the MCP73812. The chip enable line will be tied to the charger ic Vin, causing it to enter standby when power is removed which terminates charge. Once Vcc falls low enough, the chip will enter Shutdown mode. In the datasheet, the reverse leakage current parameter for...
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    Charging LiPo without turning off application circuit

    I've been working on a design for a project of mine that will use a PowerStream LiPo battery (https://www.powerstream.com/thin-lithium-ion.htm). It has no thermistor or anything, so I plan on charging it at a 1/2C rate using a Microchip MCP73812 which allows for charge rates down to 50mA. My...
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    parameter estimation of capacitor

    This depends entirely on your load. Is it a constant, nearly resistive load? Is it a switch-mode converter of some sort? Does the load draw current in bursts? Size Assuming a constant resistive load you can use a relatively simple equation deriving from the equation for charge in a capacitor...
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    [ARM] Interesting reset pin activity on Freescale Kinetis KL26 microcontroller

    I just assembled a board that I have created that basically acts as a breakout board for a MKL26Z32VFM4. Today, I am trying to get it to communicate over SWD so I can program the initial bootloader. I've never done anything like this before and this is basically an experiment for myself to see...
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    [ARM] Unable to locate correct header files for a Freescale Kinetis microcontroller

    I did end up going with the Vector-16 method for enabling IRQs. I suspect they didn't include both the vector number and the IRQ number just to simplify things. I know the difference comes from the fact that the 1st 16 vectors aren't controlled by the Nested Vector Interrupt Controller and are...
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    [ARM] Unable to locate correct header files for a Freescale Kinetis microcontroller

    I've been working on a project of mine wherein I am using a Kinetis microcontroller. The particular microcontroller in question is a MK20DX256VLH7, found on a Teensy 3.1 board. I've been programming for the bare metal, using some header files that I found here. My problem is this: Those header...
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    current independent on the load

    Most op-amps require a negative voltage. The problem is that they can't quite output all the way to their +V and -V power rails, so if you want 0V to come out of your op-amp, you need a voltage less than 0 so it can actually reach down that far (strange as that sounds). So, you could hook -Vs to...
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    [ARM] Programming and debugging a bare arm microcontroller

    I've been messing around with a teensy 3.1 and I really like the power that the embedded ARM cores lends to projects that would normally use a "standard" microcontroller such as an AVR or PIC. I've been working on an idea for a project of mine and when considering the processor I want to use...
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    Magnetic coupling between inductive loads

    I have been working a little bit on a hobby project of mine involving inductive power distribution. I have never done anything like this before and before I hook things together I would like to avoid blowing stuff up. I plan on powering between 1 and 3 inductive loads (i.e. hand-wound coils...
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    Advice for small AC-DC power supplies?

    So, I have been looking into trying to build a few things that I want to be powered from line (120V where I live) voltages, but also use microcontrollers. At the moment, I am using a transformer I rescued from a clock along with a 7805 as a makeshift power supply for my projects. However, I need...
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    Driving ultrasonic transducers

    Wow, that is an excellent application note and is very helpful. I may try both the 555 and TI driving ideas since they are both very similar and require minimal parts. My transducers are small, so I imagine it won't take an incredible amount to drive them.
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    SPI Master setup for PIC12 series

    I apologize for my previous post. For some reason, every time I read over the topic I read "I2C" instead of "SPI". I am now unable to edit it, so I will post my addendum here: Rolling your own SPI Master should be just about the same (if not less) level of complexity of doing your own I2C as my...
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    100 motors controlled off a paralell or IDE port

    The parallel port alone will not supply enough current for motors. You will need to use a microcontroller or something to interface to the parallel port and then talk to your 100 motors. If it were me designing this I would design a module that runs on an I2C bus and allows you to set a PWM for...
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    SPI Master setup for PIC12 series

    I have some assembly code that I wrote a while ago for a PIC16F628A. It is a temperature logger than interfaces to an RTC and a temperature sensor over I2C. It has been at least 5 years since I have even read this code and I don't remember a lot of it. However, I was able to locate it and put it...

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