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    HFSS Inducot with Patterned Ground Shield

    How to simulating on-chip inductors with patterned ground shield? thanks in advaced
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    HFSS inductor + eddy current

    hfss eddy current Hi All, Does anyone know how to show eddy current in integrated inductor using HFSS or CST? Thanks in advanced.
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    How to simulating inductor with pattern ground shielded?

    momentum inductor polyshield I am use sonnet and momentum with AMS c35 parameters. So how to setup pattern ground shield in sonnet or momentum? Thanks in advanced
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    AMS inductor and PAD simulation

    Dear All, I am modelling Inductor in AustriaMS process but I am having troubles about modelling AMS pads in simulations, Does anybody has expecience in modelling inductors and pads? thanks in advanced L.
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    Problem install cadence in CentOS 4.5

    centos 4 cadence Dear, I have made it, I am was using Centos 4.5 for setuping cadence 5141, it's worked well for 2 weeks, but I have problems with my computer, I will try again and after I'll report here how to install in centos 4.5. Best Regards
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    Cadence IC5033 - post install problems with Redhat 9.0

    Hi! I am setuping cadence in Cent OS 4.5 Matlab is not required. Take a look in 'how to install cadence IC5033 in redhat 9' here in edaboard It will work well. Do not forget ncompress and tar packages. Good Luck
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    Problem install cadence in CentOS 4.5

    cadence centos Please help me with this error. " loading icms50.33-p111lnx86 5 image not found SL-11: Error loading software ... Refer to /tmp/load.msg2 for loading " thkz in advanced
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    Measuring Inductance of Planar Spirals

    Hi! Could you describe coil geometry? It is possible make a analytical analysis. regards
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    What is slow-wave factor? and how to extract it?

    I got something about, slow-wave factor is a quantity proportional to the inverse of the phase velocity. In math swf=beta/k0 , beta=k0*sqrt(Eeff), so beta/k0=sqrt(Eeff). I have .s2p results, but I dont know how to plot this equation by s-parameters. Plz Help me. Thkz in advance
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    how to use a network analyszer?

    Dear, Take a look at manual. In special in this points: 1- calibration 2- set frequency 3- format , s-parameters, smith chart, deg 4-save data, .s1p Regards
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    Problem with measuring the inductor area in PCB inductor

    Re: Measure PCB inductor Dear, -the yellow plate is inductor ground plane. -The dark blue and green plates means the FR4 extension to solder SMA conector, the small dark blue plate matching 50 ohms and by wirebond is connect to port1 and port2, the big dark blue plate means ground plane...
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    Problem with measuring the inductor area in PCB inductor

    Re: Measure PCB inductor Dear asdfaaa, I was thinking about use microstrip line matching in 50omh on FR substrate Er=4.9, I have already simulated this setup, but them introduce many parasitic, capacitance and inductance.
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    Problem with measuring the inductor area in PCB inductor

    Plz Help, I have one pcb inductor with PBG ground plane, with area 4mmx4mm, I have available to measurements NA and SMA connectors, but for inductor area is impossible make connections. Is it possible make extensions using a complementer structure? Thkz in advance
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    How to simulate RFID coil tag in Momentum?

    rfid コイル設計 Dear, I have got it, RFID Coil tag is fundamentally an inductor, so take care in define substrate layers, RFID coil tag have not ground plane, just define air layer above and below coil. Common substrate uses in RFID applications: Epoxy, PET, polymide etc.. common metal...
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    What is slow-wave factor? and how to extract it?

    I am green in slow-wave, photonic bandgap... And I am trying to understand more about slow-wave factor. I read many papers that shows constant phase normalized by k0 (B/k0) or lambda0/lambda how compare slow-wave factor of conventional microstrip and pbg or dgs microstrip? I am not sure about...

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