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    Image processing through AVR

    I am also interested in detecting a face from a static picture. Are there such algorithm where I can detect multiple faces in different orientation from a picture? Let say if the picture has a picture of a person laying down on a couch etc etc at different angle? I am not interested in matching...
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    Convert Hex to Binary in Perl?

    perl hex to binary Look at the printf command in perl. LLCD
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    Where is the "active topic " menu

    All, Where is the "active topic menu" on Elektroda? Was it removed? LLCD
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    AH*DL52 - the direct website link

    This is web version This is Web version. LLCD
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    Designing 16 bit uP in VHDL

    Thanks. Thanks for the links! LLCD
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    Designing 16 bit uP in VHDL

    all, I am a newbie when it comes to making a clone of an old 16 bit uP in VHDL. I know there are a lot of gurus around here so here is my question. I am looking for a feedback or hindsight on what to expect when undertaking such a project. Are there any good books written which might help me...
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    Where can I find some more info on the 1750 processor?

    1750 processor Where can I find some more info on the 1750 processor? I am trying to model it in an FPGA. :roll:

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