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  1. liteon

    How can I design a board for my ICs?

    Hi. For designing pcb for what ever the parts are needed to be mounted a CAD software is needed.There are lot of them available on the internet either totally free or with free trial versions. It won't be easy for any one which ones is the used by most people,However for beginner level i think...
  2. liteon

    sprint layout printing problem with hp1200 laser jet.

    Thank you FVM. It worked.In calibration i changed the horizontal correction factor from 1.00000 to 1.01010 and now the prints are exactly what they should be.
  3. liteon

    sprint layout printing problem with hp1200 laser jet.

    Hi. I am having a weird problem here. My setup is the computer running windows 7 ultimate 32bit, Hp1200 series Laser jet printer with upd-pcl6-x32- printer drivers downloaded from Hp's official web site.Windows 7 does not have a driver for this model. previously i have been designing...
  4. liteon

    Tantalum Capacitor Vs Electrolytic Capacitors

    Another factor for selecting either tantalum or aluminum is costs.Tantalum caps are costly.And commonly available in low voltage ratings.In fact i personally have never seen one with a voltage rating higher than 16v.Although higher voltage ratings may be available but i am sure they will cost...
  5. liteon

    Which voltage regulator is better to use?

    Both LM317 and 7812 are linear voltage regulators.Both will do the job and may require decent size heat sink to dissipate the heat generated during regulation process. I would use switching regulators instead of linear ones,like LM2576 they out perform linear ones in every aspect. Try Google...
  6. liteon

    [Moved] Identify MOSFET Transistor

    Re: Identify MOSFET Transistor Read this page please. http://www.talkingelectronics.com/projects/H-Bridge/H-Bridge-1.html
  7. liteon

    Instrumental amplifier selection for RLC meter

    well as for as i understand from the translations, most of the parts used are selected for their SMD versions. and there are 2 versions of the pcb on the page though most of the parts are through hole but one of the design used 8-pin smd chip regulators and other uses 7805 in TO-92 package...
  8. liteon

    Instrumental amplifier selection for RLC meter

    Instrumentation amplifier selection for RLC meter Hello! My question is about particular RLC meter in the link blow. http://hardlock.org.ua/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=9 Its a project simple enough and seems to be having good performance.Still i need to ask if i can substitute the instrumentation...
  9. liteon

    water level indicator circuit design

    The circuit in the first post if worked properly will have its own draw backs,until it is being adopted for study or practice. The sense leads having certain voltage levels when dipped in water will start oxidizing rapidly and minerals in the water would start to build up around them and soon...
  10. liteon

    How to choose a diode for my audio amplifier?

    May also use Low drop-out types like 1N5819. Will result in less power losses when operating from battery alone.
  11. liteon

    the right transistor??

    Aduul! You should get a transistor data book,or check the internet and download the data books if they are downloadable(i am not sure). keep in mind the voltage and current requirements for your specific applications and the speed of switching required,use those models with at least a little...
  12. liteon

    Complete Electronics Virgin Question

    What an amazing girl shinede is. My fiance hates my hobby of electronics. In my opinion you should get him cheap models of the things which are easy to destroy like multimeter and and other testing equipment as mentioned by other members in above discussion.But i think when it comes to...
  13. liteon

    Micro-controller for beginner

    Hi Asgar! I would recommend to start with 8051,to be specified as AT89S51, very cheap and easily available. If you are from Pakistan it is available for around PAK RS.110. And the book "8051 micro controllers and embedded systems" by Iranian engineer Muhammad Ali Mazidi and Janice Gallisipi...
  14. liteon

    These op-amps are not to be found here, help

    Hi, rfredel. Thank you for the reply. Since non of the companies have their country office in my country.And i may not be able to fulfill certain per-requisites. Honestly i never tried to request free samples ,yet i tried to register with couple of manufacturers but so for no success.I will try...
  15. liteon

    These op-amps are not to be found here, help

    Hi, friends Here is the list of the Op-amps used in almost all of the projects by hobbyists and modern equipment. But to my surprise these are no where to be found in my country.I have tried almost every large city and dealership in my country.They offer to import them for me against heavy...

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