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Recent content by lijianxing

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    CST Antenna Gain vs. Frequency Plot in Frequency Domain Solver

    Dear all, Can anyone show me that how to plot antenna gain vs. frequency when using CST frequency domain solver? When using CST time domain solver, I have plotted antenna gain vs. frequency based on broadband monitors. However, CST does not support broadband monitors when using frequency...
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    HFSS Electrically Small Antenna Simulation

    When we simulate an antenna using HFSS, an air box with a distance of quarter wavelength from the radiator usually should be created. I am trying to simulate an antenna with frequency range of interest from 50 MHz to 500 MHz. Should I still use a quarter wavelength air box in the simulations. A...
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    HFSS error: Failure in solving reduced matrix

    I was simulating an antenna using HFSS. The solution frequency is 1.575 GHz, sweep frequency from 1.4 GHz to 1.7 GHz. In 'Edit Frequency Sweep', 'Save fields' option is selected. After simulation, the S parameter of the antenna, and the radiation pattern at the solution frequency 1.575 GHz can...
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    HFSS-ADS Co-simulation Problem

    By saying that the active circuit must be connected between S2P pin 2 and the S2P ground reference, do you mean like the connection in figure below where floating circuit is used?
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    HFSS-ADS Co-simulation Problem

    Thank you very much! However, in which way should I connect the following two circuits to the S2P block. Figure(a) is a floating-type negative impedance converter, while Figure(b) is a grounded-type negative impedance converter. For grounded one, it is apparent that we could connect the...
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    HFSS-ADS Co-simulation Problem

    I am designing an electrically small antenna loaded by negative capacitor realized by negative impedance converter. In HFSS, the antenna is treated as a two-port network, one port (Port1) for excitation, and the other (Port2) for negative capacitor placement. After HFSS simulation, the S2P...
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    Need Help to Import Transistor Model into ADS

    Thank you very much. I did what you mentioned, however, I did not see the link to "Procedure to add a Vendor Component Library", please have a look at the picture below. The ADS version is ADS2011.10.
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    Need Help to Import Transistor Model into ADS

    Dear all, I would like to import transistor (named 2SC4226/NE85630 from RENESAS Electronics) model into ADS to design schematic. I already downloaded the RENESAS 2SC/NE series Design Kit for ADS and added it to my ADS Workspace. The problem is that for this transistor (NE85630) there is only...
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    How to determine whether an antenna for GPS is circularly polarized by Smith Chart?

    In many papers, it is mentioned that circularly polarized characteristic can be ensured when a cusp in observed. But why? And, how to understand the principle of cusp.
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    How to plot farfield radiation patterns xy yz xz planes in CST?

    One can fix the degree of Theta or Phi to get radiation patters in x-y y-z and x-z planes. For example, by fixing Theta=90, you can get the pattern in x-z plane.
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    How to set the impedance of discrete Port in CST2008 MWS

    Discrete port in S-parameter type was selected in designing an antenna using CST2008 Microwave studio. The default impedance of discrete port is 50 Ohm. What should I do to set the impedance to 13+j151 Ohm??
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    Input Impedance for 2.4GHz (ISM) band RFID Tag Chip

    I decide to change the RFID tag chip. Monza4 of Impinj which operates at UHF band is selected. Now, the design of tag antenna is in process.
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    can directivity, gain, and power radiated from antenna be measured by equipment?

    VNA is necessary, and you can search other equipments which are required on the internet. What I have are all in Chinese.
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    can directivity, gain, and power radiated from antenna be measured by equipment?

    Yes, these parameters can be measured out. You can measure them in an Anechoic Chamber.
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    Input Impedance for 2.4GHz (ISM) band RFID Tag Chip

    I'm about to design an RFID tag antenna which operates at the 2.45GHz band. To acheive conjugate match,the impedace of the Tag Chip must be known. I have searched for several days, but didn't find. Did anyone have experience on this kind of tag chip?

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