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Recent content by Lenin

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    Links to free layout tools

    Re: free layout tool Note : Tanner L-EDIT is not free !!!!!!!
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    Why Mentor Mixed-signal tool?

    I have experience in both tools abaut 2 years, and from my side is best is IC station ,then Cadence. Yes,Cadence in same aspect simple ,but other difficult.One disadvantage of Mentor Grafics IC - not enough support desigen kit for IC Station by foundry
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    Which tool is recommended for analog/mixed design?

    cadence or mentor Mentor - best tool for Analog design IC
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    About Cadence SKILL program

    Ja too write skiil script. 1. in .cdsinit write load("~/name.il") 2. in .icdsinit write top function for exicated wen loade cadence
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    Best tools for AMS design

    vhdl-ams cadence ams designer Ja use AMS Advance from Mentor - best tools for mix- mode simulashin and big project Cadence to use AMS fo mixmod.MACHTA is not mixmod simulator,it is eldo simulator for biges postlayout simulation
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    Virtuoso editing? moving some component in the screen

    In Cadence schematik editor inaf selact by left buton mause aria and klick and move select box.Mast change mause view to "X",then can move the box
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    What is the GDSII flow in ASIC design?

    gdsii expansion GDSII is standart format for translajet midel diferant tools of Layout editor,DRAKUAL and other tools for prodact ic.
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    Which is better: FED compiler or HiTech one ?

    FED PIXIE nice tools.ja koplat tool,kompile and sim,mani.JA prefere FED
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    Which is best program for schematics and PCB

    Dear,Ja work in Orcad 386 and orcad 7.2,then a begin work in Inigra Station 3.15 - the differtnt wos big - inigra is best.Identical - design many project in IC C4 and icflowe2001.2 of Mentor.This time ja work in Cadence 4.46 - is bad tools
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    Which is best program for schematics and PCB

    Mentor Graphics It is veri best tool for PCB,IC design an ASIC is tools from Mentor - profics tools.Ja user INTIGRA STION 3.15 - old tool.bat more perfeckt,then PROTEL,ORCAD and other
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    Which PIC compiler IAR or hitech?

    IAR The IAR is best:it is a compile and debager!! Hi-tech hav not simalator and debager ?
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    Need datashit for siemens sda2087 or analog

    sda2087 Any help :cry: Need datashit for sda2087 or analog

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