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  1. Learner

    Help needed on electronic relay LH1500AT

    Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone knows what the DC pin is for and stands for? I've tried to asked Vishay tech support unfortunately there was no reply.... Data sheet can be found here https://www.ortodoxism.ro/datasheets/vishay/83804.pdf Thank you for your help!
  2. Learner

    Which output topology is appreciate? class A or class AB ?

    Re: Which output topology is appreciate? class A or class AB Why not use an op amp, since you only want unity gain and your load is not big plus its just a lot simpler to build and test.
  3. Learner

    Millitary part no. crossreference

    Does anyone know how I can find out the equivalent commercial part number of a millitary part number?
  4. Learner

    Coupled inductor question

    coupled inductor equation Hi everyone, I was wondering if someone could help me figure the state space equation for this circuit, according to the coupled inductor equation V1 = L1 di1/dt - M di2/dt V2 = -M di1/dt + L2 di2/dt which gives me V1 = 1 di1/dt - 1/2 di2/dt V2 =...
  5. Learner

    2 Quadrant and 4 Quadrant Multiplier

    two quadrant multiplier Hi echo47, Yes, but if Vc is biased with 0.5V and coupled with an AC signal it would work as a 4 quadrant multiplier? BTW, the frequency response chart in data sheet covers from 1Mhz to 100Mhz. Would this part work for audio frequency if an audio signal is placed at AMP...
  6. Learner

    2 Quadrant and 4 Quadrant Multiplier

    four quadrant multiplier Hi Gevy, Thank you so mcuh for your help! The reason I asked is because I am trying to figure out why this part GT4123A is a two-quadrant multiplier, because it seems that IN A, IN B and Vc can all take AC as input? Data sheet click here
  7. Learner

    2 Quadrant and 4 Quadrant Multiplier

    2 quadrant multiplier Hi, Can anyone help me understand what is the main difference between a 2 Quadrant and a 4 Quadrant Multiplier? Thanks!
  8. Learner

    What's the difference between normal OpAmp and this Instrument OpAmp?

    using op-amp of the instrument Have a read of this, you questions and more are explained here... **broken link removed** Chapter I - In-Amp Basic Chapter II - Inside an Instrumentation Amplifier
  9. Learner

    filter impelimentaion in mat lab

    Hi, You can try this book Filter Design for Signal Processing using MATLAB and Mathematica
  10. Learner

    Another tough 'elementary' question from my tutor

    Even though you are not interested in losses but you assumed that V/2 is the steady state of a system with loss, therefore if you do not account for the loss and add that to the system how would you be able to find the steady state of the lossless system?? I suspect that you came to the...
  11. Learner

    Another tough 'elementary' question from my tutor

    Ok, so if that's the case what is the loss in the system? :D Please include all the mathematical working procedure in finding the loss, as well as how you found the answer V/2 in your reply above. Thanks!
  12. Learner

    Another tough 'elementary' question from my tutor

    Hi Jasmine_123, Inseatd of solving the assumed lossless system, do you have a solution for NON-lossless system?
  13. Learner

    Another tough 'elementary' question from my tutor

    Electrical conductivity or specific conductivity is a measure of a material's ability to conduct an electric current. When an electrical potential difference is placed across a conductor, its movable charges flow, giving rise to an electric current. The conductivity σ is defined as the ratio of...
  14. Learner

    Another tough 'elementary' question from my tutor

    Ideally, the answer should all be the same regardless if its in math or theory. They are just in different "language". Assuming in the case of super conductor, https://www.superconductors.org/terms.htm So because of the nature of SC, the charges can not oscillate as you've proposed in the...
  15. Learner

    Another tough 'elementary' question from my tutor

    What is this piece of info based on? Can you show some reference? eg. science/physics theory/facts online etc... Or explain why would a bunch of electrons flow as a single entity instead of individual particles? Example There are 2 identical tanks, no.1 filled with water and no.2 is empty...

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