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Recent content by ldhung

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    Interface Logic Model in Synosys is obsolete

    the create_ilm command is no longer support (OBS-030)
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    Interface Logic Model in Synosys is obsolete

    Hi there, As I know, the command to create Interface Logic Model (ILM) create_ilm in ICCompiler 2017 version was obsolete. Do you know that is there equivalent command to substitute for create_ilm, or the functions of ILM are completely removed and are already included in CEL view an FRAM view...
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    Encounter license error

    Hello, I installed Virtuoso 6.14 and worked fine, and now I go on installing SOC Encounter 62 But when start to run command "encounter", the following error: This version requires license using cdslmd daemon Checking out Encounter license ... Fail to find any Encounter license... Please check...
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    hspice.ini not found in CIW virtuoso

    Hello, When I run Virtuoso, there is one error in CIW window like that: *Error* load: can't access file - "/home/eda/cadence/ic614.hotfix/tools.lnx86/dfII/home/eda/synopsys/hspice_vE-2010.12/hspice/hspice.ini" DO you know how to fix it, how can we configure location of hspice.ini to avoid this...
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    Timing violation in PrimeTime

    Thank you, yx.yang, As your mention, in my case, there are timing violation due to design rule. This is a result after running IC Compiler. In case that slack values are less than 0, we can use fix_eco_timing and write_changes to generate ICC TCL to fix, but in report timing file there are no...
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    Timing violation in PrimeTime

    I did timing verification with PrimeTime. After the report_constraint, there are some violations as below **************************************** report_constraint -all_violators -verbose Pin: U18129/Y max_capacitance 0.33 - Capacitance 1.01...
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    [SOLVED] IC Compiler cell is locked by ...

    I deleted all the .lock file in all subfolders. It is OK now.
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    [SOLVED] IC Compiler cell is locked by ...

    Thank you for your quick reply. I deleted the *.lock in the milkyway library. However, I still have encountered this same problem.
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    [SOLVED] IC Compiler cell is locked by ...

    Hello, I have encountered an error with IC Compiler. When I open a cell from a library, there was an error: "cell is locked by pcname (pid 1234 server) check again ..." I run command ps to list the thread and try to use command kill 1234, but the pid 1234 is not available. Please help me how to...
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    net can not connected in IC Compiler

    Hello, I have encountered a problem with ICC routing. Some nets are not connected and therefore can not route to IO pins. Please see the attached photo. Please help me point out this problems. Thanks
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    Create .LIB from .CDL

    Hello, Does anyone know how to generate .LIB file from .CDL files using NCX Liberty step-by-step? Thank you
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    HVH and VHV routing in IC Compiler

    Thank you so much. Do you know exactly the keywords in VIA ?
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    HVH and VHV routing in IC Compiler

    I want to change the VHV (Vertical - Horizontal - Vertical) routing styles to HVH (Horizontal - Vertical - Horizontal) routing styles in IC Compiler. How can I modify ? In technology file ? Thank in advance
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    hierarchy design in IC Compiler

    I did, but the ICC informed that the cells are misplaced or placed nor correct.
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    why input in @always not synthesizable

    When I synthesize the code in Design Compiler, input matchen; input conditions; input [NUM_WORDS-1:0] ss1, ss2, ss3; output reg [NUM_WORDS-1:0] match_onehot_addr; always @(matchen) begin if (conditions) match_onehot_addr <= ss1 & ss2; else match_onehot_addr <= (ss1 & ss2 &...

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