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Recent content by lcs81

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    convert/detect pulse to binary bit

    This is matlab simulation. Signal is output of modulation. IS purely binary representation with out any line or source code for the input. so the output should be purley binary represenation (i.e, high is logic 1 and low is logic 0)
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    convert/detect pulse to binary bit

    Hi , I have a random square/pulse waveform representing binary. how can I "detect" it and convert it back to binary? sample wave form attached.
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    flatern/smooth the harmonic to perfect square/digital signal.

    i got a square wave like signal with some noise/harmonics. Any know how to make it perfect square(digital)? PLease refer to the attachment. tq
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    Convert/transform bit to wave form in matlab

    hi, i have a serise of bits, i want to plot as a digital wave form with some frequncy (bit rate). Any idea how to do this?
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    FSK modulator and demodulator in simulink matlab

    The model above obtain from web site. Question, i just want to try a 'noiseless' channel (without any channel) by modulate and immidaitely demodulate. But why there is error? Shouldn't is zero error? 2. the output of the FSK modulator should be analog signal, right? how come cannot use the...
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    UART interface between PC and PIC 16F877A

    For PIC side, where can i find the protocol of interfacing with PC? Because I did try to find about UART interfacing. I am seeing lot of code using thing like "TXIE", "RCIE". I have no idea on this. I mean i need to know how the pic know the data is comming from PC, and what the PIC going to...
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    UART interface between PC and PIC 16F877A

    Hi, I am really a new to interfacing. Lot of thing dont understand. Hope your can guide me on this. I am doing a project to interface the PIC and PC. The PC should send a data via C program from serial port and to PIC and PIC display it on the LCD screen. For PIC to LCD, i already manage to...
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    What does __config 0x3D18 do in Assembly language?

    https://images.elektroda.net/84_1178103868.jpg ---------------------------------------- Line 1 LIST p=16F877A Line 2 include "P16F877A.inc" Line 3 __config 0x3D18 ---------------------------------------- What does the line 3 do? What type of value we need to assign. If we write...
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    interfacing serial port!

    interfacing serial Since we program a mcu using serial port (+/- 13v), why not we just use a rs 232's converter to convert all (max 9 pins) to 5 V/0V. Why we still need a complex prgrammer? we just need to have a algorithm to program the mcu and hence we can then write a program so that the...
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    port number and assembler

    The computer have 2 serial port ... when we programming the port, how to know which port is com1 and which is com2? For different assembler, will it produce a different hex code for a same mcu for same program?
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    What is the difference between bootloader and programmer?

    Re: New toMCU (programmer) About programmer, is the software use for programming (sending hex code to pic) only match it's own hardware programmer? Actually how the pc communicate with the pic?
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    Serial Programming Vs. Bootloader ??

    pic bootloader oscillator Isnt bootloader also a tye of serial programming? Is any one of you have circuit and software for "serial programming" and bootloader? Thanks
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    What is the difference between bootloader and programmer?

    Re: New toMCU (programmer) Thanks to Normad13 for replay. But yet, for bootloader (hardware),can we write one program on our own? if how can we do it? Any material for this? Also, i read in some where, it say before we use bootloader, we required to use the programmer for once-off progrmming...
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    What is the difference between bootloader and programmer?

    tomcu HI all, I am new to PIC mcu. However, i do know some basic as shown as following diagram. My question are, what is the different between bootloader and programmer? Are they the same? Is bootloader also consider a ICSP? The "software for communication" is to put the hex code to...

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