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Recent content by lathaharshini

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    What is meant by hit rate and how to calculate it?

    hai , can anyone tell me about ,what is meant by hit rate and how to calculate it. thanks in advance
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    Contactless Reader Systems specifications

    Re: rfid reader ic hai , here u can get these ic's **broken link removed** harshini
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    HFSS tutorials for designing a patch antenna

    hai, i'm new to ansoft .could anyone give tutorials of ansoft designer sv. want to design patch antenna. thanks in advance harshini.
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    basics about microstrip antennas

    hai, pls find the attached file for patch antenna design and basics about microstrip transmission line harshini
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    [Req] Frequency bands allocation chart or table

    hai, pls find this link and attachment for frequency allocation of 802.11 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/802.11g#802.11a.
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    UHF and VHF antennas design guides

    hai friends, use this file for new antenna designs - uhf and vhf frequencies.
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    What are the available antenna design tools for PCB or 868-915 Mhz bands?

    Re: Antenna design tools i think cst design software is best for antenna designs.sonnet lite is a free ware to check basic planar designs.
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    Variable width spiral inductor design

    hai, try this design for variable width spiral inductor
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    Contactless Reader Systems specifications

    here some useful details about reader ic and evaluation kit
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    How to interface SB2230 with microcontroller to make a 13.56 RFID reader module

    hai, i have to design 13.56 Mhz reader . i have sb2230 module but i dont know how to interface it with microcontroller to make a complete rfid reader. can anyone guide me to finish my project. thanks

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