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Recent content by LandLack

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    Optical Waveguide simulation with Lumerical: propagation loss, how is it calculated?

    Dear All, I am simulating with Lumerical: Mode solutions (2013) a single mode Si waveguide on SiO2; the numerical method used by this simulator is EigenModeExpansion. The geometry I am using as a reference is similar to a standard 500x220nm, which corresponds to very low simulated losses (it...
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    Gerber files are shown to me (ADS) as aligned but they are not received as aligned

    Dear all, please help me to solve this problem. I've also contacted the manufacturer, but I've received no response. I've viewed with all the tools from ADS, and the structure is aligned; but when I upload it on eurocircuits, my "holes" file is always shifted by (about) 1mm on the right...
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    Clipping RF circuits (1.5 GHz signals)

    How much can the threshold voltage be?
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    Clipping RF circuits (1.5 GHz signals)

    Hi, do you have infos about RF circuits that can be used to clip a signal containing up to 1.5 GHz? I need to cut both positive and negative edges of the signal. Thank you, Best Regards, LandLack
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    [SOLVED] Zener Diodes (clipping schematic) on a 50 ohm matched RF circuit

    This makes the situation complicated; Thank you very much, you've avoided me a lot of problems. Since I saw a circuit which used diodes as envelope detectors for the RF frequencies signals, I thought that zeners would also be ok. Can you tell me what parameter to see to judge diodes? Also, do...
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    [SOLVED] Zener Diodes (clipping schematic) on a 50 ohm matched RF circuit

    Hi, I need to use two zener diodes on this configuration (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clipper_%28electronics%29) on the output of a 50 ohm matched RF circuit (1.4 GHz is the biggest signal frequency). Is there any issue? Do I need to match the diodes? How, and how much? Can you give me an...
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    [SOLVED] Cuts : PCB design informations

    Thank you very much; I just shaped the "bound" layer, and the manufacturer understood; Best Regards, Landlack
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    [SOLVED] Cuts : PCB design informations

    Hi, One of the devices I need to use needs the PCB to be cut (and also two additional holes for the screw drivers). I'm new to PCB designing, and I've never worked on cuts... How is it done? Do I need to define the shape with a new layer with it's own gerber file, or it is made shaping an...
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    [SOLVED] Laser's Inputs (please confirm my interpretations)

    Yes, it is. Unfortunately I can't find another easy link to the datasheets; it can be seen as "high Bandwidth Analog DFB Laser Module" on google. I've also planned a good temperature controller and a negative DC current source; can you tell me why are you talking about DC voltage, and not...
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    [SOLVED] Laser's Inputs (please confirm my interpretations)

    Dear Community, I need to use this Laser: https://www.suncityinc.com.cn/IMAGE/pro/PDF/DC-18GHz_DFB_LD_FIN.pdf ; this is the first time, so I want just to be sure: 1)since the input is said to be matched at 50 ohm, and also since the "input-1db-compression-point" is seen as dBm...
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    [SOLVED] Bandpass filter circuits

    Yes, I've tried with a simulator, and it theoretically works well. I hope that the behavior of real devices (which have some variations from the correct value) doesn't differ too much. I didn't know the existence of Nuhertz, so I'll control; I've also found out that also ADS has some filter...
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    [SOLVED] Bandpass filter circuits

    Hi, I've found something on the net: https://www.changpuak.ch/electronics/chebyshev_bandpass.php ; I'll control if there are also butterworth models, also. Although it doesn't teach me much about the approach, it will probably be useful. Do you know of the limits of the resulting filters?
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    Laser Noises and other issues; (to choose optimal DC current)

    Sorry, I've descibed it badly, and wrongly; let me try again: the electrical specification of the the laser said that the 1dB compression point was 13dBm. I've created an electronic system with a peak to peak value of 3V, with 50 ohm (around exactly the limit of 13dBm)... So, as you said, the...
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    [SOLVED] Tuning an oscillator (tunable by voltage)

    Hi, I would like to know something else about the same device: I've connected the tuning voltage pad with a trimmer potentiometer with a maximum value of 100Kohm. But the datasheet (that you can see on the first message) says: " all specifi cations: 50 ohm system" (under "Maximum ratings, in...

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