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    Verilog-XL compile problem

    well, It works. there is another question: If cell A has a hierachical cell B in library lib_a, there is a cell name B in library lib_b too, how could I make the cell B in lib_b priority ( Let Verilog-XL compiler using cell B in lib_b, not the cell B in lib_a) Thanks & Best Regards
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    Verilog-XL compile problem

    Dear all: I have module abc in both filea, fileb and filec , is there any method to compile module abc in fileb, other than modify filea and filec. Thx!
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    How to design Sigma Delta ADC?

    sigma delta applet analog devices Hi guys: If u want to design or simulate a SD-ADC use Matlab, the Delta Sigma Toolbox by Richard Schreier maybe help. https://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/loadFile.do?objectId=19 Summary: High-level design and simulation of delta-sigma...
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    How to interface ADC with 8051?

    Re: interfacing adc It's AC or DC Voltage would you want to sample? as AC power calculate there is a series of Power meter IC. it would work better.
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    what a frequence can RC Oscillator reach?

    What about practice refer to stability ect. THX!
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    what a frequence can RC Oscillator reach?

    what a frequence can a build-in RC Oscillator reach? 4MHz or high?

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