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Recent content by kutkm_ti

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    input and output on the same pic pin ?

    my idea is similar like u, i'll try ur circuit, it may use on my project...
  2. K

    input and output on the same pic pin ?

    what buffer? the problem is : may i drive the led(commom anod) and read the pin input at the same time? reading the input pin just need take 1us only, but many configuration will make the led not working when i push the button... :cry: any suggestion (without use any external IC) to realise that?
  3. K

    input and output on the same pic pin ?

    now i face a problem, i no have any extra pin, so i need to drive a 7 segment led(commom anod) and at the same time, i need input for a push button, tell me how to do... any suggestion about when i push the button, it will not affect the led either on or off? pin-->resistor-->led--> +5v...
  4. K

    how to interface grpical lcd module (128*64) with pic

    how to interface 128 64 lcd with pic I want to use in PIC18F4550, Haha
  5. K

    DIY Moving Message Display

    diy led matrix display finally i was the matrix LCD project!!!, great!
  6. K

    1N4148 as temperature sensor...

    temperature sensor 2n2222 1N4148 can stand how many degree?
  7. K

    Which is the best PIC compiler?

    ccs pcwhd compiler is buggy i think the best one is CCS C, now it got RTOS, maybe next month will have network driver! i'm waiting for it!
  8. K

    This is a working RS232.... ICD2 !!!!

    has anyone tested this ICD2 with latest MPLab ?? it work or not?? now i'm going to choose an ICD2 to built...
  9. K

    Looking for schematic for ICD2

    icd2 rs232 cable schema has anyone tested this USB ICD2 with latest MPLab ?? it work or not??

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