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Recent content by kumar123

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    meaning of settling time?

    meaning with Tr=Tf=0s ??? because using Tr=Tf <= 20ps i could not see rising edge ringings it is quite smooth , and slow in rise ( as slew rate is less) so how to measure that ?
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    meaning of settling time?

    hi , What is the (spectre/Hspice/spice)statement to impress unit step signal ? Regards Kiran
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    Why is this Shift in Folded Cascode Structure

    i have not noted but difference between them at 0.75 and 1.8 Vcm differs less than 1mV
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    Why is this Shift in Folded Cascode Structure

    Hi attached the Schematic, where in though i used Transistors Aspect ratio is identical i am observing slight deviation in current through them as listed below , is that causing the problem of unsymmetrical Vdiff (Vp-Vn) ? if so how to resolve this ? below are the operating point...
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    How to simulate the offset voltage of the comparator??

    Meaning as listed in Textbooks is it necessary to use dual power supply (Vdd=1.8 Vss=-1.8) and check the Vos for 0 Axis crossing of Sweep (say input) ?
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    Why is this Shift in Folded Cascode Structure

    Hi, I have designed (Nmos input current mirror o/p stage) Folded cascode signle ended stage, after doing simulations i have observed different issue like it can operate over Vcm of 0.75 to 1.8V (as supply vltage is 1.8V) with this Vcm i am varying Vdiff also to make sure till what value all...
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    How to simulate the offset voltage of the comparator??

    Is this the same procedure even for folded cascoded Opamp structure ?
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    Generating the bias voltage of an op-amp

    Re: Bandgap Reference for the figure "bg.jpg" how to choose the characteristics of Opamp used ? or how to test the opamp to be used for this purpose ?
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    Subthreshold folded cascode Opamp

    Re: Subthreshold Opamp Hi Amit, which process or technology it is ? and how do u get λN,λP, Kn, Kp is this through set of simulations? how much was there difference u see for your technology from the hand calculation to the actual
  10. K

    Writing scripts in Cadence

    circuit similation and results point of view both are same but the difference is one requires(ADE) schematic (there u do connect all voltage sources it is user friendly ) second requires (command line simulations) netlist file , to do this one should know how to mention the voltage sources and...
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    How to simulate corners by using script

    are u asking about how to create testbench file or deck to do command line simulations?
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    Looking for Stanford EE214 notes

    Re: stanford EE214 notes attached file
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    How do I simulate the fully differential OTA?

    This kit looks very useful , but i have doubt that why is the V- is connected to 1.5 always? if this is some dc bias voltage how do we arrive on this based on desin? which is the .print/plot corrensponds to Transient simulation with pulse input? is this "dcgain" measurement is so called Av(0)...
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    How to use .ALTER statement for models

    .alter hspice hi it does not work pls chk , earlier i had tried with the following lines of statements but it could not print the .ALTER results where as it printed results related to "model_fast" file and gave few warnings and stoped .include ".../model_fast" .... ..... .... .PRINT...

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