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  1. kronos2k3

    Capacitor help (sawtooth signal)

    generating sawtooth signal Hi! Only use a integrator construct with OP-AMPs. See this: http://www.ecelab.com/circuit-integrators.htm Good luck! BR!
  2. kronos2k3

    How to design a Power On Reset circuit?

    Power On reset Circuit Hi, see the Microchip application notes: Title: Power-Up Considerations Name: AN522 Best regards!
  3. kronos2k3

    How can I make 3.3V DC from the 220V power lines without any transformer?

    220v 3.3 Hi, please publish the solution! Best regards from Argentina
  4. kronos2k3

    about gain nad phase margine

    Hi xenon2000, try use FilterPro V2.0, is a software to design filters, download it from: **broken link removed** or read the next application note about filters: http://focus.ti.com/lit/an/sloa093/sloa093.pdf In the next image file you can see an example: Best regards from Argentina...
  5. kronos2k3

    Homebrew Solar Cell ??

    homebrew solar cell Hi... See the next ebook... Homemade Solar Cells By Creative Science & Research https://mihd.net/pc8tnf Best regards from Argentina
  6. kronos2k3

    [SOLVED] PIC, 7segment display

    Hi my friend.... When the "call segment" instruction is executed the PCL takes the value from the label "segment" equal to 000F then PCL = 000F + 5 = 0014. Ok? But pcl automatically is increased in a unit after executing the instruction "addwf PCL,1". Then the true line number to execute is...
  7. kronos2k3

    Opamp - Non inverting Amplifier

    Hi... Please check te resistors values, the correct connection of the circuit, or change the 741! The teorical gain is G=(R2/R1)+1; because is a non inverting amplifier, then G=(10K/1K)+1=11! Best regards from Argentina!
  8. kronos2k3

    IC-PROG and PIC18F4550

    ic-prog pic18f4550 Hi... i dont know the values of config1 to config7! To program the PIC18F4550 i use the WinPic800 software and JDM programmer. Download the WinPic800: **broken link removed** In the attached image see the configuration values are explained... And the config1 to config7...
  9. kronos2k3

    Help me build a good attenuator for a 100KHz signal

    Re: Attenuator? Hi... I dont know attenuators with diodes! I know this attenuator from 1 db to 20 db in all frequency! See the schematic and find the values in the next table. The values of the resistance are given for input impedance of 50 Ohms and 75 Ohms. Best regards from Argentina!
  10. kronos2k3

    how to insert a dc-offset?

    Hi! Use a operational amplifier as adder with gain = 1. In the figure i show a example! Best regards form Argentina! /\/\arcos
  11. kronos2k3

    CDI Moto sample for Honda wave 100cc

    Re: Moto CDI sample Hi, What TIP transistor use? ex: tip31, 141... so on.. what? You can give me the all values of the components, some its not listed in the schematic. Please.. regards from argentina!
  12. kronos2k3

    operational amplifier internal circuitry

    Hi, Not is necessary understand the internal circuit of Operational Amplifier to explain the diverse configurations. You only need to understand the principles of operation. The operation principles are four: -Input resistance infinite Ri=∞ (no input current) -Output resitance zero...
  13. kronos2k3

    Dynamic resistance of diode

    Hi... Dynamic resistance of the diode is the resistance for an AC source deppending of the DC polarization of the diode. The DC polarization determines the dynamic resitance, a high diode DC current is a minimun dynamic resitance because the variation in the curve of diode is more high then...
  14. kronos2k3

    How to convert an equation from frequency to time domain using inverse Fourier

    Re: invers fourier !!!!! The methode is IFFT (Inverse Fast Fourier Transform) but its implementation is complicated. You can try with MathLAB by explample or Mathematica 5.0. I dont know the algorithm in C or some computer languaje. F(w) Spectral Fuction ---->IFFT----> F(t) Time domain I dont...
  15. kronos2k3

    atmospheric pressure sensor

    Use a MPX motorolla sensor. MPX2100Ap its a good sensor. "The MPX2100 and MPX2101 series device is a silicon piezoresistive pressure sensors providing a highly accurate and linear voltage output — directly proportional to the applied pressure. The sensor is a single, monolithic silicon...

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