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Recent content by krishna410

  1. krishna410

    Microstrip patch antenna

    Hi... If your antenna design involves a planar structure and more BW, better to use Flomerics' MICROSTRIPES 7.0. I worked in Ansoft HFSS and other em s/w's... The choice of s/w depends on the type of antenna to design. Books : As someone mentioned.. pozar is must and more knowledge u can get...
  2. krishna410

    daigital communication projects

    many topics to search by.. u get lots of them here..
  3. krishna410

    Materials to study the fundamentals of analog and digital communication

    Re: book suggestion Actually many books are available, few i can recommend 1. https://he-cda.wiley.com/WileyCDA/HigherEdTitle/productCd-0471432229.html 2. https://www.amazon.com/Introduction-Analog-Digital-Communications/dp/0471859788 3...
  4. krishna410

    plz recommend a text on CDMA

    you refer WILEY publications for CDMA and W-CDMA books for more knowledge. As their publications include the implementation concepts also
  5. krishna410

    What is a semaphore ?

    please read operating system concepts textbook for detailed explanation by Galvin
  6. krishna410

    Do you need to know C++ to work in Embedded Systems?

    Re: Embedded Systems If OOPS concepts makes the design easier, then u have to definitely know the C++.
  7. krishna410

    Interview Questions on low drop out regulator

    top 34 interview questions Hi, I have a copy of VLSI Interview ques's. Probably advanced level, but great stuff. practise these for more knowledge too. :-) :-):D krishna
  8. krishna410

    any doubts regarding the simulation in HFSS 9.0

    only EM software provides you accurate results. if you feel this is slow...then try out for Microstripes
  9. krishna410

    Fractal Antenna Design in HFSS??

    Another one Added after 1 minutes: One more....
  10. krishna410

    Fractal Antenna Design in HFSS??

    Darren... I found some papers .. basics and advanced level papers.. I am attaching the copies of it.
  11. krishna410

    Fractal Antenna Design in HFSS??

    fractal antennas design Fractal antenna tutorials and papers are not found in large number ... if you are really interested i can provide you some links to it.
  12. krishna410

    Information about Empire and its performance

    Re: about Empire Tutorials for empires.. we can have it in german version... butnot sure in english version........
  13. krishna410

    Fractal Antenna Design in HFSS??

    fractal antenna come on GUYZ......... no one worked in fractal antennae??? fractal is the latest antennae design ,,,,,,,,,,, try out
  14. krishna410

    Excellent EMsoftware for simple Antenna design...??

    IE 3 is not so sophisticated... many parameters cant be evaluated with IE3
  15. krishna410

    any doubts regarding the simulation in HFSS 9.0

    U can go for HFSS designer. in which u can have a simple structure design of reflector antenna....... try to adjust the parameters before u work in HFSS.

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