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    IIR Filter using multi-rate techniques

    Hi every body I study "the IIR ilters for Satellite Transponder Using Multi-rate Techniques". Would you please give me some ebook or website? thanks
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    Looking for dot matrix printer circuit diagram

    Would you mind help Hi! I require dot matrix printer circuit diagram Thank
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    help!! 8051 family controller beginner

    Microcontroller is the on chip processor. Tutorials, Free code, Webinars Industry Portal for Enginners www.eg3.com/8051
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    Fingerprint Pattern verification

    book on fingerprint pattern All of my colleague, Good day for you. I wish all of you. Now I face on a problem with Biometric recognition, especially in Fingerprint Pattern Verification. I would like to know to your opinion on that topic. If you don't mind, please share your opinion. I...
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    Fingerprint biometrics systems project

    Re: Fingerprint matching Dear Valzha Valamudan , The conversion from Mat-Lab to HDL is really important role for biometric recognition and verification. You can change it by these ways: That has two ways to convert from Mat-Lab to HDL: The first one is machine visual aid; The second...
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    matlab codes for embedding visible watermarks

    Re: Image Processing My Dear, I would like to suggest you. To require embedd watermark in the transform domain, you can used Neural decision making that like wavelet, Fractals, DCT domain, catchment control system. Added after 1 minutes: Dear, I would like to suggest you. To require...
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    Device which resistance increases with the current increase

    Re: current sources any device whose resistance increases with the increase in current because positive temperature coefficient
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    Design and Construction of Microcontroller Training Board

    contruction of microcontroller training board Hi! I want to use with 8051 Microcontroller. All Thank
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    Documents about SMD components

    Very small components Hi! What do you mean? Mother Board is used very small componemt. You can see data sheet from Manufacture Co.
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    output offset voltage!

    Hi! all chracteristics for an ideal op-amp, encountered that output offset voltage is always zero, it is possible because offset voltage can be noise but offset voltage (+V/ -V) use op-amp Goodluck
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    USB & RS232 Dual Interface Design?

    Hi! you can see this web site www.arcelect.com/rs232.htm and then, you can see rs232 converter web site [url]http://chaokhun.kmitl.ac.th/~kswichit/[url] good luck
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    How to get a -5V (Vee) if I only have a power supply ?

    Re: -5V If you have a power supply -5V power supply with a negative voltage output you can connect the transformer, filter, and use a regulator (using 7905 regulator)
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    How to select the number of bits while interfacing microcontroller 8051 with memory?

    Re: Interfacing in 8051 Hello! •40-pin DIP package 8051 compatible CPU •old chip with ceramic package and quartz window for UV, new generation will see how the old chip look likes. CPU: Any 8051 compatible with 40-pin DIP package @11.0592MHz MEMORY: 27C256, 32kB EPROM for monitor...
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    I need Microcontroller Training Board Design

    Hi! Everybody help me I need Microcontroller Training Board Design using AT89S51 Microncontroller. To control traffic light, lamp,motor, etc Component list of Training Board •AT89S51 Microncontroller •32 Byte RAM •32 Byte EEPROM •Programable Array Logic •8 bit Register •A/D and D/A Converter...
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    stepper motor with microstepping

    when microstepping a stepper motor, must the stepper motor a special type, or we can microstep any step motor? You should apply Microcontroller.

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