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Recent content by kjjian

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    What is "Corners simulation" ?

    for TSMC process there are 5 corners: tt,ss,ff,sf,fs.
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    Divider frequency limitations

    I think some like "injecting locked divider" can work at 10GHz or ultra.
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    sigma delta fractional n pll

    Does here someone have worked for multiple bit Σ△frctional n pll? I want to know if there is a multi bit Σ△ modulator is used in fractional n pll, then you must have a multi modulus divider? and how the control circuit realization between the multi bit Σ△ modulator and multi modulus divider?
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    Can Delta-Sigma replace Accumulator in Fraction-N PLL?

    Can you explain clearly? Many papers saidthat the The Delta-Sigma input is fractional code,and it can't be the swallow out.
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    fractional-N vs integer-N frequency synthesizer?

    wideband dds frequency synthesizer Now my team is go on a project about 802.15.4 based on 2.4G band. The channel space is 5M. Is Integer-N good or Fractional-N good? if the Fractional-N is good,how can i decide the reference frequency? Added after 22 seconds: Now my team is going on a...
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    Delta Sigma Fractional-N Synthesizer

    delta-sigma fractional-n synthesizer I think this is good: "Sigma-Delta Fractional-N Frequency Synthesis" Scott Meninger Michael Perrott Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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    Resources for Sigma-Delta PLL design

    mit pll design Does anyone have design sigma delta fractional n pll for 802.15.4 standard for 2.4G Band? Added after 5 minutes: Hi,lichengcao can you upload the PHD's full dissertation?
  8. K

    PLL simulation with a VCO subcircuit using ADS

    PLL simulation using @DS In ADS have pll designguide. Maybe it can help you!
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    Info on layout of classical DFF design for RF PLL

    Re: DFF design for RF PLL I think the most logic is SCL. search it in IEEE,you will many papers about it!
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    PLL:lock and capture range

    about this question the book of Best's PLL - Design, Simulation and Applications have particular discuss.
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    about sigma delta fractional n pll

    can someone talk about the design step of sigma delta fractional n pll?
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    PLL_performance simulation and desing

    This book is really good I think.
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    Phase Noise of A Closed Loop System (PLL)

    I also want the book Frequency Synthesizer Design Handbook, Crawford can anyone upload it?
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    Looking for PLL examples and designs created using Simulink

    Re: plls and simulink Anyone have example simulate sigma delta frational n pll in simulink?
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    Resources for Sigma-Delta PLL design

    sigma delta modulator use in pll can you upload the course?

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