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Recent content by kittihua

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    [REQ] C Compiler for TMS320C50

    c compiler for tms320c50 mhmhmh .. are you receive my message in pm ?
  2. K

    Suggest a Microcontroller

    Microchip MCU in PIC16
  3. K

    [REQ] C Compiler for TMS320C50

    tms320c50 compiler Does anyone have C compiler for TMS320C50? please tell me. Thanks in advance
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    PCB Design for EMI_EMC Compliance

    PCB Design for EMI_EMC Compliance
  5. K

    Looking for schematic to design ICD-S

    in ICD1 its use PIC16LF876 can I use PIC 16LF877 instead of it?
  6. K

    look for serial Modem protocal analyzer

    What program can look any TCP/IP/PPP package with send to modem on COM port?
  7. K

    Need sample design of USB implemented in an MCU

    Look TI Controller (MCS51 core) build in USB controller ... www.ti.com
  8. K

    convert Protel to power PCB

    I ever use that program but Its have some problem , can't convert complete .. Ok I think , I must manual for convert .. Thanks for all information ..
  9. K

    How to use micrcontroler to send MMS from mobile phone?

    send mms to mobile MMS send via GPRS right ?
  10. K

    Looking for schematic to design ICD-S

    ICD-S can use with PIC18F8720?
  11. K

    convert Protel to power PCB

    How I can convert PCB file from Protel (99SE or DXP) to Power PCB 4 or 5 please help me .....
  12. K

    How create Ramdisk for strongARM(Trizeps)

    I'm new on embedded linux. I try to use linux for my strongARM Board (Trizeps) Now... I have some problem on Ramdisk filesystem Do Anyone have information on its .... please help me .... Thanks in advance.
  13. K

    How I use extermal ram for PIC18F8720

    Sory I post wrong topic ......
  14. K

    How I connect ext. RAM for PIC18F8720

    connecting sram to pic18f8720 I use PIC18F8720 but I have some problem in data memory . Its not enough for my work. I would like to expand it to external. How I can expand its. Do anyone have some exaple in this case? Thansk in advance..

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