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    Microcip PIC simulator that can do this?

    pic hex simulator All project, based around pic microcontroller, i am working in Proteus VSM using COMPIM for connection with external hardware. The last one was SMS control device. For watching data transmit and recive trought COM port you could use proteus peripheral model virtual...
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    Microcip PIC simulator that can do this?

    proteus pic simulator Proteus VSM COM Port Model The COM port model allows a VSM simulation access to the one of the real, physical COM ports (e.g. COM1, COM2, etc.) of the PC it is running on so allowing the simulation to interact with real hardware. Incoming serial data is buffered...
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    sending AT command to phone

    Use Siemens phone x35, less complex, or visit this page for sending sms using Nokia phone and F-bus ptotocol h**p://www.embedtronics.com/nokia/fbus.html#part2
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    Have a gsm antenna near me and need to measure a power

    To enable network monitor on nokia cell phone you need some program like logomenager and data cable. Put nokia network monitor in google search and you will find a lot of useful information about that issue.
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    pic16f877a interface GSM SMS phone

    nokia interface gsm linha On this page h**p://home.no/fsan/projects/ you have one SMS control project using Siemens S25, AT command and PIC 16F877. Siemens S25 you can replace with *35 or *45 model, what you can find. Regards, kima
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    How can Frequency Hopping increase capacity of a Network ?

    Re: How can Frequency Hopping increase capacity of a Networ The main purpose of frequency hopping is to improve transmission quality on the air interface. The effects of fading due to multipath reflections can be reduced since the fading pattern is frequency dependent. In addition, the...
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    RS485 Source Code for PIC

    rs485 pic On this page https://www.mikroelektronika.co.yu/english/product/books/picbasicbook/09.htm#9.5 you will find all about communication between PIC and other devices or with other PIC with useful picbasic source code. The example show diferent way to communicate with other device...
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    How to receive a DTMF tone from mobile phone?

    How receive DTMF tone from mobile phone? I need it for remote controle. Could I use data cable to read send number from another phone with AT command and HyperTerminal? Thanks, kima
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    need Ready made PIC16F84 Serial Tx-Rx routines

    See this, you have explaination and example. www.mikroelektronika.co.yu/english/product/books/PICbook/picbook.htm Regards, kima
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    Mains Power Line modem???

    Have you some links or other useful stuff about mains power line work? If possible, something where I could use pic microcontrollers! Regards, kima
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    PICALL/P16PRO programmer

    what should i check in picall programmer just use pic16f877 and problem solved!!!
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    or*cad good tutorials - looking for a pdf / tutorial

    Orcad User's Guide is designed so you can quickly find the information you need to use Orcad products. Download and read!!! Regards, kima
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    Which protocol to use for sending SMS using PLC?

    bmg protocol Use AT commands?
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    What is a good Pic Basic compiler?

    top rated basic compiler For a more detailed comparison between Pro and Plus! Click https://www.letbasic.com/item585.htm for a Flash presentation. I vote for PicBasic Pro!!!
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    CC1000 and picbasic pro???

    I need source code in picbasic for this transceiver or CC400??? Thanks, kima

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