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Recent content by khongai

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    What does AT and AF of MCCB mean?

    Hi all, In some schem. of electrical circuit. what are the maening of AT and AF? (AT: Ampere Temperture; AF: Ampere Fuse). Thanh in advance.
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    How to Interface an Ammter with PLC??

    you can check the control cabinet of genset, some of them can provide some analogue output or communication port ( for modbus, profibus, ... connection) and your plc shold has these connection
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    Transformer in parallel? (urgent)

    Can i connect 2 transformer (24kV/.4kV - 2000kVA) to one busway of LVSG. thank in advance.
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    WINCC help - SCADA over Web project

    wincc temperature not problem if use WinCC with one PLC station through Profibus network.
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    How about this single line diagram?

    Hi all, How about this? (attached file)
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    How to link a Siemens system which is using TCP/IP to the SCADA system using MODBUS?

    tentang scada In PLC S400, you can use some MODBUS module to connect to SCADA software, But now all the SCADA software support alot of protocol (Modbus, Profibus, and also TCP/IP).
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    OPC server link to PLC

    OPC server is an software installed in PC and that PC will connected to your PLC through network or cable. And this software can support your PLC. You can consider to Matricon, Kepware OPC server.
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    Standard for Cubicle form of LV/MV switchboard?

    Hi, Can anyboby share this information? Thanks in advance.
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    how to start and master PLC??

    you can get the software in this https://ctyhuyvietltd.googlepages.com/home it also has simulation software
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    help please, GE cimplicity

    study from the documents and have a job to practice it.
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    i want step7 for programming siemens s7-200 plc

    siemens step 7 micro win This link may useful for you. https://ctyhuyvietltd.googlepages.com/home
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    power distribution control

    distribution control Hi all, Did anyone do this and can share the information for this matters? Thanks in advance.
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    Distance for drycontact signal ?

    maximum distance for dc signal Are there any document for the distance of dry contact signals? As refering to Siemens PLC catalogue, maximum distance of digital input and output are 1000m ( for shielded cable) 600m ( for unshielded cable). but any information for relay (24VDC) could not be...
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    need hydraulic systems knowledge...Help

    u can try Automation Studio software

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