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    Standard cell design topic

    Thank artmalik, But I still don't understand how to define the specification for the gate of 1X, 2X, 4X.... drive strength. For example with gate INV_X1 and INV_X2, what should be the W/L for them assuming with 65nm node? Thank you so much.
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    Standard cell design topic

    Hello guys, I am designing standard cells and I believe that advice from standard cell designer expert will indeed helps me a lot. I have several doubts about define standard cell: 1. How can we define the input slew rates and output load capacitance for characterizing standard cell? 2. How...
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    process variation analysis with SPICE

    Hi mates, I am design a small circuit which include 2 module A and B. I want to do a process variation analysis manually with module A, and leave module B at typical corner. How can I let it work??? Currently, when setting to a process corner, both module A and B will be modeled by this...
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    Mentor ADMS compiling error

    Hi all, I am a newbie with Mentor ADMS. I am trying to compile a simple tutorial from Mentor ADMS, adc-12. But there is an error in compiling as below: Compiling file comparator.vhd Compiling Entity Declaration comparator Code generation for work.comparator Compiling Architecture level0 of...
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    IC compiler post placement

    Thank wsong0210, Would you please give me more detail directions or documents that I elaborate it?
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    IC compiler post placement

    Hi buddy, The problem I am facing is I got a post placement result from IC compiler. In each row, is it possible to shift a group of cells to the right or left and then insert a new cell in the new space?? Looking forward to your help Thank you so much.
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    clock gating issue with DC compiler

    Hi all, I am working on clock gating with DC compiler tool. The problem is when setting the minbitwidth with set_clock_gating_style command. Even though I set minimum bit width is 8, when evaluate the clock gating report, I discover that there are some gating cells connect to only 2 registers...

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