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    How can I implement a 4-variable function using 4-to-1 mux?

    Re: How can I implement a 4-variable function using 4-to-1 m Can you please explain the question in detail?
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    switched capacitor common mode feedback

    I am using a sc cmfb for the fully differential telescopic OTA. on one phase my output is auto zeroed or connected to agnd and on another the input is sampled and amplified. on the phase in which the input is sampled and multiplied, the output common mode doesnt seem to remain constant with sc...
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    How to run Montecarlo simulation in Cadence for tsmc 0.35 um

    Hi, I am a research student in ASU, Tempe. I am having troubles in running the montecarlo simulation in cadence, for tsmc 0.35 um technology. Looks like some parameter files and parameters are not available. Can someone, help me in this regard or upload the required files for running the...
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    Need Spice Corner parameters for TSMC 0.35 um technology

    0.35um spice parameters Hi, I am research student, specialising in RF and Mixed signal IC design and testing. My research requires me to test the circuit to work under corners , but I dont find the corner parameters file in mosis website? could anybody post the corner parameters file here so...

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