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Recent content by Kaushik Sv

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    sound energy into electricity

    Kripacharya is right. Research is on going. This may be of interest to you: https://scholar.google.co.in/citations?user=cNxcKfUAAAAJ&hl=en
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    image processing libraries in c language

    Yeah OpenCV is good. I also found this recently. Yet to test it though. https://codeblag.wordpress.com/2013/03/16/using-libccv-opencv-alternative-in-go-for-gnulinux/
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    [SOLVED] Why divide by N (length of input sequence) during IDFT?

    Got it folks. Ok, the reason is: In FFT, we work with orthogonal basis, but they are not orthonormal.! Each basis vector has magnitude of √N. How? Read on... Each component of the basis vector is a complex number. Sin2θ + Cos2θ becomes 1 for each component when we do <x, x>. So the magnitude of...
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    [SOLVED] Why divide by N (length of input sequence) during IDFT?

    Hi folk During DFT of a input sequence of length N, we find X(k). X(k) = <x[n], e[k, n]> where e(k, n)=[e-2kπ/N e-2kπ*2/N e-2kπ*3/N ... e-2kπ*(N-1)/N ]. For each value of k, I get a coefficient. Similarly I got coefficients for all basis in the vector space. Now to reconstruct the original...

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