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Recent content by karabas

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    CY3684 EZ-USB FX2LP Development Kit

    cy3684 ez-usb fx2lp development kit A bit late, but may be it can help to anyone. Schematic (pdf + Orcad *.dsn) and PCB gerber files are included in downloadable file "SETUP_FX2LP_DVK_1004.exe". See it at the same http link.
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    another question -----high speed adc

    I know following parts: AD: AD9480, AD9481 - 250 MSPS 3.3V ADC Atmel: AT84AD001B - Dual 8-bit 1 Gsps ADC, 3.3VDC, 1.4W; TS83102G0B - 10-bit 2 Gsps ADC, 5VDC, 4.6W; TS8308500 - ADC 8-bit, 500 Msps, 5VDC, 3.8W, Fairchild: SPT7721, SPT7722 - 8-bit, 250 MSPS ADC Intersil: HI3286 - 8-Bit, 160MSPS...
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    Re: POWER LINE MODEM DESIGN Echelon (www.echelon.com) makes very good all-in-one power line transceivers. Very useful information about principles of power line communications, coupling basics, ... can be fouind in their product datasheets. For example see PLT-22 Power Line Transceiver User?s...
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    Looking for a free PCI interface core to fit into a CPLD

    pci core latticesemi May be I'm wrong, but I don't understand for what purposes one need to upload files to electroda server if it's freely available from the internet. I think it's better to post a link. For the subj just do a search on Lattice website by "RD1008".
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    Looking for a free PCI interface core to fit into a CPLD

    cpld pci Abstract: PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect) interface was developed to meet the new requirements of today's digital computer systems. This application note is a reference design solution for a 33MHz, 32-bit PCI target for ispMACH devices. It is designed to provide users with a...
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    How to design a PCI card or PCI target chip?

    Here is some links: 1. "PCI Target 32-bit/33MHz" **tp://www.latticesemi.com/support/refdesigns/pcitarget.cfm 2."Simple PCI-controller" **tp://misyachniy.narod.ru/standart/pci_xc95144xl.zip 3. "PCI FLASH card" **tp://misyachniy.narod.ru/standart/pci_flash_card.zip
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    AVR Code Vision or IAR ????

    Look through the forum at h**p://www.avrfreaks.net/phorum/list.php?f=3. It was descussed many times.
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    USB to GPIB interface

    gpib diy NI has many interface devices of GPIB <-> USB, ISA, PCI...
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    Lattice CPLD ispLSI2096E-100LT128

    lattice mach4064 my_garden Do you use only Lattice CPLD or also use another vendors cplds? Does Lattice chips have any advantages as compared to Xilinx/Altera?

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