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Recent content by kannansha

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    How to convert PADS Logic schematic to searchable PDF format...?

    Hi All, i would like to know how to convert searchable PDF of Layout files ( Example - Silkscreen Layer) from PADS Layout. My problem is, if i generate the PDF of Silkscreen Layer from Pads Layout, i am not able to search the Text present in that PDF document. i know this is related to the...
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    Thermal Pad/Reliefs design?

    Hi Khanna Actually i checked at Design Rules and i fixed it as Relief connect only not as Direct connect, but still that problem occurs, the Reliefs comes at all other Through Hole pads but not only for VIA's. but i found some other way to solve ths issue..:razz: Thanks for reply Sha
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    Thermal Pad/Reliefs design?

    Hi all Do any one know how to provide thermal relief to VIA's in Protel 99SE. i can able to achieve that for SMD and through Hole PADs but not for VIA's alone. if anybody have solution for this please help me.. Thanks in advance sha

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