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Recent content by kamilia

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    request:indoor propagation software

    Hi I need to a software for prediction or simulation of electromagnetics radiation in indoor building. please guide me thanks
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    Looking for GTD training or books

    HI I need to GTD (geometry theory of diffraction) training or books. please guide me!
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    How is the BTS Antenna Tilt computed?

    Hi How do BTS Antenna Tilt computed?
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    req:reflectarray antenna

    Hi I need to detailed refrences about reflectarray antennas designing. some one help me!
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    Looking for manuals of Sinus 52 cordless phone

    req:Sinus 52 Hi I need to sinus52 cordless phone manuals(operation,maintenance...) thanks
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    Electrical characteristics of unlit or polysyrene foam

    Re: req:unlit permeability Hi thank. is it applicable in microwave for example 5-15 GHz
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    Electrical characteristics of unlit or polysyrene foam

    req:unlit permeability HI I need to electrical characteristics of unlit or polysyrene foam (foam for packaging) please help me
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    req: reflecarray antennas

    Hi I want to learn about reflecarray antennas. I need to detailed refrences about it.can you help me? thanks
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    finite ground plane and infinite ground plane

    HI Ansoft ensemble and ansoft designer are not suitable for simulation of structures with finite ground plan.IE3D is better.
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    Need info about earthing methods for base stations

    req:earthing Hi I need knoledge about earthing methds for base stations and other microwave stations, specially in dry sand and stones.
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    req:metal plate lens antenna

    metal plate lens Hi I need to knowledge about this type antennas in 10 to 12 GHz band. thanks
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    Need voltage feed vs. frequency characteristics for DBS LNBs

    REQ:LNB char. HI I need voltage feed vs. frequency characteristics for DBS LNBs. can you help me?
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    REQ: reflectarray antenna

    HI Can you help me about sources about reflectarray antenna. specially in DBS. thanks :lol:
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    Bi-birectional wireless serial link

    HI Motorola have two application note for this AN1687 "A full featured wireless interface for RS-232 communications" AN1691 "Practical solutions for medium data rate wireless communications"
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    GSM repeater schematic and design tips

    HI I need GSM repeater schematic and any details for designing it. can you guide me?

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