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    Help me identify motors from HP Deskjet 3325 printer

    Hi I have just taken out two electric motors from an old HP printer (Deskjet 3325).I wanted to know if these motors are actually DC motors or Stepper motors.I have never seen stepper motor before,but i did some research on the internet and i noticed that stepper motor usually have more than...
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    Can you use ethernet with Matlab?

    Hi I would like to know if it is possible to use matlab to make a communication link between two computers.I'm new to matlab and I'm using matlab's image acquisition tool box (matlab 7) to take picture and I would like to send these pictures to a second computer for further processing.Each...
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    microcontroller for image processing

    thanx anyway i'll continue with my research on the web. Added after 2 minutes: thanx anyway i'll continue with my research on the web.
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    microcontroller for image processing

    hi i wanted to know if there exist any type of microcontroller capable of doing image processing like for example object recongnition ( license plate number recognition).plz help me its for my final year project. thanx kam

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