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Recent content by kalbun

  1. kalbun

    [SOLVED] Ferrite core TKK SFT–59SN

    I was able to find the datasheet, I attach it here, in case someone needs it in the future. The text is in Japanese, but the impedance curves are undestandable.
  2. kalbun

    [SOLVED] Ferrite core TKK SFT–59SN

    Hello, I hope this is the right forum to ask this. I am attempting to find the datasheet for the ferrite core SFT-59SN from TKK industries. It seems a rather popular item, according to the references found on the internet, but the datasheet is nowhere to be found. Does someone has it, or can at...
  3. kalbun

    LTspice IV using custom lib without asy ?

    Exactly my opinion, you should pack everything including the libraries. Besides... I suspect the problem is that you didn't change the BJT prefix from QP to X
  4. kalbun

    LTspice IV using custom lib without asy ?

    You can try to copy the contents of the library and paste it into an in-circuit directive. Sometimes ltspice is unable to find the library. If this fails, you may post you circuit here so I can have a look.
  5. kalbun

    LTspice IV using custom lib without asy ?

    When you write "renamed", do you mean that you changed the Value attribute, right?
  6. kalbun

    Live + neutral + earth on PCB

    Thanks for your answers. In facts, my source of information is a consultant with some experience of CE marking. Years ago I designed a board similar to this one, and he told me "don't put the earth on the PCB or you won't get the CE". I was in a hurry so didn't investigate further, and he did...
  7. kalbun

    Live + neutral + earth on PCB

    I am about to design a simple control board for an industrial equipment. To reduce the amount of cabling, the customer asks to have the earth connection on the PCB - along with live and neutral. If I remember correctly, there is a safety restriction which forbids having live+neutral+earth on...
  8. kalbun

    overflow by comparaison

    If you get an overflow then 16 bits are obviously not enough. You can use 32-bit instead. If you only have problems with the comparison operation, copy the values to compare in 32-bit operands before performing the operation.
  9. kalbun

    Vias in pads of 1812 ceramic capacitors?

    Agreed... but filled vias can be very expensive!! Perhaps an intermediate solution could be to cover the via hole with solder mask, and to do so the suggested layout should work.
  10. kalbun

    Vias in pads of 1812 ceramic capacitors?

    The I suggest you to put two vias for each pad. You may put them like this:
  11. kalbun

    Does anyone in this forum have IEEE membership?

    Hi, I don't think to be a guru, but I am a former IEEE member. IEEE is not especially focused in theory, indeed in their magazines (Spectrum in particular) you can find various articles also with good practical value. They also support various user forum, but they are not as interactive as this...
  12. kalbun

    Vias in pads of 1812 ceramic capacitors?

    Hi, to give you a complete answer you should specify the size of the via and the current you need to route. As a general rule, vias in pads should be avoided. Indeed they can **** the solder paste during assembly, and this is especially true for "power" vias with large holes. If you have room...
  13. kalbun

    Interested in an Embedded Software Engineer position in Germany?

    If only I were 25 years younger... :razz:
  14. kalbun

    Diffrence between RTC with DS1307 and RTC with Microcontroller Timer[Sleepm mode]

    The time difference may have a few causes, but I suspect the problem is the crystal. Check the characteristics of your component and maybe select a better one. DS1307 don't measure the time more precisely, but has other interesting features, like a full date/time calendar and ultra-low consumption.
  15. kalbun

    Using the atmel atmega 16 ADC

    Hi 1) the reading on the ADC is Vinput / Vreference * 1024. If Vreference changes, then you obtain different readings with the same Vinput, and this in most cases unacceptable. You then have various choices: - use a good quality AVCC - use a reference voltage source connected to AREF - use the...

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