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    TSMC 0.18 M and 0.09 M technology file for leonardo spectrum

    salam shoma software tsmc 0.18 ro niaz darid? ya chize khasse digei morede nazareton hast. felan
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    I need password for ansys software zipfile

    Re: ansys zipfile password hi girish i don't have this software and also maybe my computer is not enough fast to do this work. can you help me ? also if you want i can send you one part of this zip file to check by you ( becaouse it is in several parts zip file ) thanks
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    I need password for ansys software zipfile

    ansys zipfile password hi i have souerce of ansys software in zip but for extract it i need password also i used the zip password recovery but this program need one month only for check 8 word password. i will be glad to hear from you.
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    Comparison between Femlab and Ansys,Nastran,Abaqus

    ansys vs nastran Added after 1 minutes: i can help u about msc.nastran software if u need waiting to hearing from you

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