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Recent content by kaandee

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    How to plot radiation pattern in Labview

    Hi anybody know how to plot the radiation pattern from spectrum analyzer on Labview. I need to measure the radiation pattern for spiral antenna. I made the lab setup with transmitter and receiver with spectrum analyzer, signal generator and PC. The PC which is connected to spectrum analyzer has...
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    <CST> Microstrip bend and wilkinson power splitter .

    hi any body know how to design 8-way microstripline power spliter in CST. I need to feed 8 elements array antenna. i don't have any design parameter for the above power splitter. please help me to design this in CST as soon as possible. Thank you
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    Balun to feed spiral antenna

    thanks friend.. i will look that docs
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    Balun to feed spiral antenna

    hi mateusbatera thank you for your reply. I am looking for your paper. as you told in previous mail, substrate height has an effect in impedance. unfortunately, i have the TR 6010 rogers with a height 0.635mm. I think, according to inner and outer radius, i can set the lower and upper...
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    Balun to feed spiral antenna

    hi thank you for your reply. as you told, i am also using RT6010 Roger as the substrate in CST. in this case i set the lower frequency as 2GHz and upper frequency as 20GHz. so these spiral parameters don't affect the above frequency or do i have chage the inner and outer radius according to this...
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    Balun to feed spiral antenna

    hi mateusbatera How did you get 100ohms Archimedean spiral antenna. i want to design 100 ohms two archimedean spiral antenna. can i know the details of spiral design inner radius, outer radius and no of turns, width of arms and gap size. i would be grateful, if you give some details thank you
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    Optimizing an antenna gain in CST MWS

    Hi, anyone know how to get the all plots in one graph after doing optimization to compare the results. Thank you
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    Ultra wide band antenna design

    hi angolaX I am also looking some ultrawideband antenna design papers which used cst . Can you forward it to me. my id: kallyany@gmail.com thank you
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    transmission line design

    hi nilux I have attached tx line calculator. It might help you Regards Kaandee
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    Excite the coplanar wave guide port using multipin in cst

    Re: Excite the coplanar wave guide port using multipin in cs hi friends I need a help from you I want to design back to back CPW to CPS using balun. I have a problem with exciting the coplanar waveguide using waveguide port using multipin method in cst. can any body help me how to define...
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    CST-Microwave studio - need help calculating power

    hi ravi8331 I have to calculate imput impedance of spiral antenna. Do u know how to find S11 in CST for specific reference impedance i mean S11 = Z - Z0/ Z+Z0 from this equation we can find Z (input impedance of spiral antenna), Z0 = 50 ohm (feed line impedance). so i need S11 to calculate Z...
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    Setups for doing CPW in HFSS or Momentum ?

    Re: CPW hi any body have CPW tutorial for CST? thanks
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    [SOLVED] CST MWS problem: periodic boundary + waveguide port

    I also had same problem. but i have set the all boundary as open add space. then i didn't get any such problem. but it will increase no of mesh cells.
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    Array of Dipoles:Different results from Matlab and NEC

    hi yvonne82 i also have designed dipole antenna using CST mws. but i have a problem with feeding to antenna. I used coaxial cable but it is not balanced. i want to use SMA connector to get balun. Do u know how it is connected to antenna? thank you
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    Pls help how to set the mesh size & stimulate port in HF

    Re: Pls help how to set the mesh size & stimulate port i Hi Ankesh I have designed two arm archimedean spiral antenna using CST. The results look resonable. But when i increase no of antenna i mean to get arrat antenna, i couldn't simulate. because no of mesh cells increase. But my software is...

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