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Recent content by jpmanicdao

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    Audio Feedback cancellation

    I designed an electret microphone (single ended) amplifier (recommended by the chip itself) which works well, only if the speaker is very far to the source. The reason is that audio feedback is worse when mic and speaker is close to each other. The attached design below is an input to the codec...
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    Everyone, Do you have a GPS engine Module with UART interface? Please attached a datasheet or a link. I tried to check out SAMSUNG'S GPM13B03-005 but the reference schematic/ application circuit is not clear I had difficulty reading the values of capacitors.. Thanks Jeff
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    Current transformer suggestion

    you need to stop asking suggestions and start studying first.... WIKIPEDIA already provides the meaning of Current Transformer, from there you can already analyze the use of it...
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    Reading Voltage FROM a current meter

    Guys, I'd like to convert a variable current from 0~5A (From Generator source which will be AC) and convert it to analog voltage from 0~5Vdc.. Can you help paste a reference schematic or explain how to design as such.. I tried using OP-AMP but it burns after I get the current and convert it...
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    220VAC output varying from 0~220VAC

    Guys, I need a circuit same as Lamp Dimmer... I need to control the RMS of 220VAC to have the voltages range around 0~220Vac using potentiometer as my controller.. I had some idea using SCR or TRIAC but not sure if it would hold around 220VAC. Please paste a link or a circuit..
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    GPS receiver circuit suggestion

    hey, i had researched on ICs and found a single chip GPS receiver. I also includes some information. I saw ATMEL chip ATR0630 . Looks cheap price, and feasible to design....
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    LED counter using 1 switch with 64 LED one after the other.

    Guys I have a situtation here: Push button switch no.1 will switch on the 64 LEDS one after the other by pressing the same switch no.1 as many times as are necessarily until all the 64 LEDS are steadily lighted. What chip/counter will I use for this design? Give me idea thanks.
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    Water level measurement (urgent)

    Check out the link I paste here. I had tested this for varying level of water and through flowing river.. Its output is either voltage, current RS232 or RS485. https://www.gnflowmeter.com/Level%20meter.html XM-A series 3-wire ultrasonic level meter XZY-RS Ultrasonic Level Meter Local display...
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    Video Amplifier (MAX4315) - suggestion needed

    I also encountered that same problem in my design wherein Video fades after 10-15 seconds. My application is for DVR SPOT OUT. in which until I cannot solve that part wherein Video is fading.
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    1.5ms power on delay - help needed

    1.5ms power on delay I need a ckt that has this condition "CPU_+1.2V should supply 1.5ms earlier than CPU_+3.3V" If I have 3.3V from power supply and during Power ON I need to delay it with 1.5ms to supply to CPU as CPU_+3.3V as a requirement of CPU POWER MANAGEMENT. I was looking for an IC...
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    What are the salaries in Asia?

    Salaries in ASIA NOW in the Philippines fresh graduates got a salary of $1041 per month if OT is paid it mostly come up with 1200 USD a month... If experienced here $2083.33... because Philippines is next to Japanese when it terms of technology... Especially Hardware Engineers.....
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    What is the job of Hardware design engineer

    Usually we are always online on facebook
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    Question regarding Multiple input AC to DC converter module

    Re: Question regarding Multiple input AC to DC converter mod I suggest dont do it......
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    Electronic Control Unit also known as PCM

    I got my car soaked in flood, If you heard the news in the Philippines... One important thing my HONDA CIVIC LXI 99 model is running is by the use of ECU (Electronic Control Unit) or also known as PCM (Power-train Control Module). The model of ECU I have is "37820-P2C-Y01" if anyone here have...
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    Do you have a TV tuner that has multiple channels.?

    TV tuner Do you have a TV tuner that has multiple channels.?

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