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    Error while running LVS on Cadence

    Also, someone pointed out to me that it might be that I should make sure the CDS Netlinsting Mode is set to Analog.. Would this be of any help to my problem??
  2. J

    Error while running LVS on Cadence

    Sure.. I have uploaded it. Let me know if there is any trouble viewing it.. Added after 4 minutes: I didn't upload.. I try again..[/img]
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    Error while running LVS on Cadence

    I did specify the file, as I usually do. But for some reason or another, this error shows up.
  4. J

    Error while running LVS on Cadence

    Hello all, I am having an error when I run LVS using Cadence. The error states: Invalid LVS run directory You must initialize the LVS run with a valid LVS run directory before you can probe. I have no idea what this error is or how to fix it. I have never seen it before. Can someone give me...

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