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    Wireless USB Promoter Group

    Re: New Wireless USB Cypress Semiconductor has some fine wireless USB chips... my samples are on the way... can't wait.... ~joco~
  2. J

    Which pullup resist. value to use for I2C

    It also depends on how many devices you have in that bus... I'll remember that Philips has some formulas to calculate resistor values. And don't forget series resistors from each device in bus; 100 - 150R fits most cases. ~joco~
  3. J

    How to programm epson sg-8002 Oscillator

    Oscillator programming You can't program it unless you own special programmer. Normally oscillators are programmed at factory (large amounts) or by the distributor if you need small amounts and need them fast. ~joco~
  4. J

    How to avoid vias under SMT using Pow*rPCB?

    You can also put keepout area under component. ~joco~
  5. J

    Any tip for layout board with BGA?

    BGA designs Most semiconductor manufactures has their own succestions to designing rules for BGA components. There is no general rules for BGA's. Take a look to Xilinx and Altera web sites. Both has very good application notes for PCB layout. ~joco~
  6. J

    What chips should be used to drive LCDs negative contrast

    If you don't what to use inverter chip, voltage can be made by negative charge-pump. Little oscillator and some diodes and capasitors...
  7. J

    [SOLVED] How to program LCD-Display

    lcd programing Those chips are used allmost everyone. Locate OEM LCD manufacturer webpage and confirm that they use those chips and download datasheets. HD44105 is controller and HD44102 chips are drivers for LCD dots
  8. J

    The isolate voltage of TLP521(optical)?

    Toshiba photo couplers databook says 2500Vrms for TLP521-1, -2, -4
  9. J

    EL Panel Dimming - please help

    What kind EL power you got? Do you use driver chip? If so use chip datasheets to find resistor/capasitor that controls boost voltage/EL driving frequency. That's the place where you should add control. I added NPC driver chip LDR to control brightness

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