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Recent content by jizhongren

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    need help :cadence simulation problem: .scs file ?

    cadence ic5141 sun4v Please pay attention to the file path "/eda/cadence/ic5141/tools.sun4v/spectre/bin/32bit/spectre" You can try to use the spectre of MMSIM /eda/cadence/mmsim/tools/bin/spectre The spectre is difference with MMSIM and IC5141
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    T3-600 – DTV Signal Reception and Processing Considerations

    ac3 standard I can only see the following std,not find your said:"t3_600.pdf". Published ATSC Standards An ATSC Standard is a document that states basic specifications or criteria that are necessary for effective implementation and interoperability of Advanced Television Systems. A/49...
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    Where can I find the free version of design compiler tool ?

    abt design compiler If you are in China, You can go to www.21ic.com or www.51eda.com. Maybe you can get it.
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    how to install debussy in Linux environment?

    In doc tar file have a file: installation.pdf. You can reference it to install the debussy.
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    IC5141 problem as it can't find shared libraries

    ic5141 problem You can set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH to $LD_LIBRARY_PATH ;/lib
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    ic5141 camera malfunction

    I only look at CIW->Tools->Camera->Raster or PostScript, not find the "xcam" that you said........
  7. J

    Who can help me ??? IC5141 USER3

    To download the newest ISR...
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    How to post_layout simulation after Assura RCX in Virtuso

    When Assura RCX you can create netlist of spectre or hspice. If you create a view of "av_extracted" you can following eng_Semi said in hierarchy editor to select any views of any cells.
  9. J

    Why are select layers used in layouts?

    Select layer in layout According you said I consider that your select layer is PPLUS and NPLUS in Mask layer. This layer is for distinguish N+ or P+ active when manufacture.
  10. J

    Problems in saving states in ADE

    Re: IC5141 First you must make sure your directory ".artist_states" is currect as .cdsenv setting.
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    how can i install a nanosim in linux ?

    installing nanosim You must download a Synopsys tools installer.
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    run " hspice " & " hspice64 "...what

    hspice64 If you cpu is 64bit you can use the "hspice64" to run Hspice, if the CPU is 32bit you must use the "hspice". The must difference is based on your CPU.
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    Mentor Graphics Calibre LVS with black-boxes

    calibre blackbox Yes, you can delete the block-box cell in layout and netlist.
  14. J

    Virtuoso halts when shift+b is pressed

    virtuoso problem I think so, I never happen this. Please check you PC.
  15. J

    About Calibre: What is the difference between iil_ & ixl

    I am sorry the Ixl is for Linux X86 Ss6 for sun solaris

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