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    Here are my experiences. I have worked with 8051's and their derivatives. No other micro family can claim as many manufacturers of compatible parts than the old 8051. The advantage was that they were all compatible even at binary level (ie the hex file from one would work in another, provided...
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    What is the better Visual Basic, Visual C++ or Delphi ?

    As others have said, it depends on the application as well as other issues like code portability as well as the amount of time you would want to spend learning. Borland's tools are easy to use and powerful. I certainly find them much easier than Microsoft's tools. If your project requires...
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    Work TComPort Library 2.63 into C++Builder 6?

    It works with Windows XP when programmed with C++ Builder 6. I would expect that it would work with Delphi since the library itself is delphi based (as well the the entire visual component library (VCL) of C++ Builder). The project is now part of sourceforge and has been ported to Delphi 7...
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    Work TComPort Library 2.63 into C++Builder 6?

    tcomport delphi The official site seems to have disappeared. You can get it from **broken link removed** -who wrote the C++ Builder port for this excellent library. I have used it with Builder 6 and it works, though there is a slightly tricky process to install it. This is described in the files.
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    FPGA digital video developer boards

    Can anyone suggest a low cost FPGA developer board to get me started in digital video. I can deal with SDI video in and out as I have access to SDI Analogue and Digital encoders and decoders, so analogue composite or component i/o is not essential (though might come in handy).
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    Multiple UARTs in ATMega161

    I do understand that higher level functions like printf() call lower level functions like putchar() and if I were to output a string with puts() it would also invoke putchar(). I have done custom putchar() to implement an interrupt driven putchar() in an 8051. This did not replace the library...
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    Multiple UARTs in ATMega161

    I am contemplating on how to write an experimental application in C that uses both hardware UARTs in the Mega161 AVR chip. I will be using ICC AVR for development. From the ICCAVR help file/manual, I can see that I can use putchar() and getchar() to send and receive characters. However these...

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