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    Help Identify component

    Could be this? R1154N063B 150mA Voltage Regulator (Wide Input Voltage Range) https://pdf1.alldatasheet.com/datasheet-pdf/view/201718/RICOH/R1154N063B.html X3 would be batch no.
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    smd codes for 5 pin devices

    5 pin smd Here's the source of the document. https://www.standardics.nxp.com/support/documents/logic/xls/1g.2g.3g.markings.xls It says "standard", i would think that meant non manufacturer specific. jango.
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    smd codes for 5 pin devices

    smd mit fünf pin Took me a week to find these. very important to have.
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    The datasheet of BD3812F

    volume control and 6 input selector used in Denon amps
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    The datasheet of BD3811K1

    BD3811K1 is used as syscon in Denon amps.
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    The service manual of AVR1705V12

    service manual
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    The datasheet of the SCR SOIC-8 named U2520SA

    zmd u2520sa https://www.intersil.com/data/fn/fn2894.pdf cheers!

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