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Recent content by janakiram.sistla

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    a small query regarding sampling

    hi all please can any one let clear my doubt "can the sampling frequency of a digitized signal be varied i.e can we vary sampling frq after sampling by adc if so please let me know how we do it "are there any methods for doing so???
  2. J

    Which RTOS is the best around?

    i m new to rtos can any guide me which is best
  3. J

    Looking for ADSP 21161 simulator

    Re: ADSP 21161 simulator hi u can find it on analog.com in software s vdsp++ 4.0
  4. J

    configuring fpga in parallel slave mode from dsp

    slave parallel mode of fpga hi all i wann to configure spartan 3 fpga in parallel slave mode from dsp (21160)processor please if any one have any idea kindly let me know how to proced
  5. J

    help me with this c++ book

    hi all please can any one help me i need a book "c++ faqs by marshal cline " please if some body can get it i will be happy u can mail the book to me at janakiram.sistla(at)rediffmail.com
  6. J

    Microchip PIC EEPROM question.

    hi there is an application note in microchip official site where u can get information for interfacing eeprom chip with pic micro using i2c bus this might help u , i feel ok
  7. J

    How to mix C & assembly

    hi when u r writing a c function that hasto be used in assembly again declare that c function as global in c program and in asm declare it as extern and call it similiarly u can do for asm program also (declaring fun as global abd acessing it as extern).
  8. J

    hexadecimal or decimal??????

    hi any machine understands only 1' ans 0's only.we group 4 bits into a nibble and represent in hex this saves the processor storage memory and easy understanding for us
  9. J

    ARM getting start help

    hi xuruquan, the sites u sent are very nice but in chinese which i cant understand please if u can send eng version s i will be very thankful
  10. J

    PIC16F877A :serial communication problem

    usart_write hi check whether u connection b/w pic and pc are reversed or not first
  11. J

    why there is a need of fourier transform

    hi all this is a very basic question where most of people get doubt consider a signal with a very small time period (i cant plot here )but if u want to analyze the properties of the signal at a particular time if it is in time domain u cant get it where as in frequency domain if u...
  12. J

    What is the use of codec in signal processing?

    Re: doubt on codec hi please any one can explain me the functionality of codecs
  13. J

    What is the use of codec in signal processing?

    hi all please clarify me what is the use of codec in signal processing
  14. J

    need help for assembly

    hi all pleasse can any body suggest me how to write switch case using assembly may be any syntax
  15. J

    How to read the Hex File of a PIC Micro

    hi c application notes for pic in www.microchip.com i saw previously one but i dont remember the numeber of it but it is there

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