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Recent content by irfansyah

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    Someone could run Angstrom 2.6.32 in DevKit8000?

    I've been trying to do something similar. What I've learnt are these: - u-boot and uImage kernel should match (both were compiled for the same target, e.g. beagleboard, or devkit8000, has something to do with board id I think). - both devkit8000 uImage kernel and beagleboard uImage kernel can...
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    SBC (Embedded Systems) with linux

    we use some comparatively cheap Mini2440 a.k.a FriendlyARM boards from http://www.friendlyarm.net. Has Linux OS installed, USB host, general purpose IO, 4 ADC channels, I2C, 3 serial ports, optional CMOS camera, 10x10cm dimension, with an LCD touch screen. But the full complete documentations...
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    Event which takes place after one year in microcontroller

    Re: Event which takes place after one year in microcontrolle Interesting point there. Hey, what about those RTC chips? Are they accurate?
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    Which Language is good?

    Yes, and for the first two bits you might need to shift it some bits. I havent program in C for years, but i think there are bit manipulation operators, shouldn't there? Pls have a look at this site for an example: **broken link removed**
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    Ideas for an M.Sc. thesis?

    I'm not into embedded systems lately. What i know is a friend did his PhD recently in JPEG2000 compression hardware implementation. A friend doing master by research in robotics is looking at SLAM (simultaneous localisation and mapping) techniques for autonomous robots. Another friend at CSE is...
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    inverter delay with slow ramp input

    inverter ramp input hi, i wonder if anyone can help me with this "inverter delay measurement" problem i have. Normally, textbooks define inverter propagation delay to be = RCln(2), which is the time interval between 50% change in input to 50% output change (CMIIW). Apparently, this formula is...
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    How to program microcontroller in C?

    Re: Microcontroller in C From my own experience, i find that programming microcontrollers in C would be easier if we understand the architecture of the MCU, including its registers, its instruction sets, its interrupts, etc. Hence, learning a bit of assembly first won't hurt ;-)
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    Suggestions of AVR related resources for beginners

    Re: AVR BRGINNER I find this website SO useful in learning AVRs... --> www.avrbeginners.net
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    How to minimize power consumption for CMOS logic?

    Re: minimize power One way is to lower the supply voltage, it gives quadratic power savings, ideally. Sizing transistors also matters, for example of an inverter, it's suggested that the output transition slope is much longer than the input rise/fall time, to reduce static current...
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    What dominates the area and power in single-port SRAM and in dual-port SRAM?

    Re: SRAM questions That's very interesting. As far as i know, i'm not an SRAM expert, what affects the area of a RAM is the size of the memory itself. For the same technology, the dual port SRAM might have a memory capacity almost 3 times the single port one. But this also depends on what...
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    Bit patterns on address and data buses

    I am trying to study the effectiveness of several low power on-chip interconnect techniques. In addition to measuring the propagation delay and its maximum speed achievable, i would also need to test them with input data patterns representing realistic conditions that might be found on real...
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    Setup and hold time- Water Pipe Analogy

    Taking your friend to the train? haha, i like it.. :-) What about this one: "Weightlifting" you will need a certain amount of time to take a deep breath and then lift the weight (setup time). after that, you still need to hold the weight on top of you for a few seconds (hold time), then you...
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    problem on using avr fuse bits

    you cannot program the chip with ISP anymore, hence you should use the other way: parallel high voltage programming (is this the correct term?) refer to the datasheet for details. otherwise, just buy another chip ;)
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    Project request for final year

    some ideas: - implementing an 8-bit microcontroller on an FPGA - video processing for surveillance - vehicle tracking system using GPS - tsunami early warning system - portable and inexpensive data logger all the best.
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    Design rules for tsmc 65nm and 90nm processes

    Re: TSMC 90nm i am using the cadence generic process design kit, and i think it's adequate for layout and simulations. they have the 90nm PDK as well as the 180nm one. As for TSMC, i am not too sure how you can request them.

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