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    Circular Polarisation on round patch antenna?

    Hola, if I use a round patch antenna, does it create a circular polarisation since a round patch is nothing more than a lot of single lines originating from the middle with different lentgh and thus different phases? Or what kind of polarisation do I get? For excitation I would assume a koax...
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    Error with Frequency Domain Solver in CST

    I did several turorials, I will give two examples: 1) CST MICROWAVE STUDIO - Workflow and Solver Overview This tutorial is located in the CST Folder and part of the main documentation (simple T-piece waveguide) 2) The Antenna tutorial This tutorial is located in the Help -> examples/CST MWS...
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    Error with Frequency Domain Solver in CST

    My first post in a forum ever haha I started using CST Microwave Studio by following the tutorials given with the documentation. Whenever I try to use the Frequency Domain Solver I get the following error message: "An unsuccessful termination of the port mode solver has been detected. Do you...

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