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    PCI bus interface question about signaling voltage

    PCI bus interface pls reference IDT QS3861
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    HELP: Can't download *.pof file to my chip! (Altera CPLD)

    HELP: Can't download *.pof file to my chip! (@ltera CPLD) I think the Noise on TDO is too much that Jtag can't read the JTAG ID
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    How to name/distinguish layers in Orcad Layout Plus ?

    layer definitions u can create 3 types gound by split plane,but u can't derfine 3 names
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    what is the meaning of "biasing"

    It means a basic voltage for curcirt
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    Where to study issues related to Ethernet Phy design?

    Ethernet Phy Design now PHY use digital and DSP technology like a soft radio princple
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    Help me understand Counters

    Counters based on the time interival you need 2^n
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    internal clock generation

    It's for function simulation only,can't be use for generate clock
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    did C@dence PSD for linux include Orcad?

    Did C@dence PSD for linux include Orcad?
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    Altera Nios Discussion Board

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    IC design lission from Berkeley

    **broken link removed**
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    I need help with HFSS 9.0

    It has a training cource in website
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    Why Allegro has very few libraries ?

    allegro library .... CD3 is library for ConceptHDL,not package library

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